Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91 - Hi Grammy!

We went to Las Cruces today. Not for any particular reason - just to get away from Deming, and walk around a town that actually has stores and restaruants and ... well - civilization, lol. I convinced hubby to go to Hobby Lobby where I speant probably an hour and a half exploring every aisle, lol.

Today's pic was something I snapped real quick on my cell phone and sent to my mom cuz I knew she would love it. Both the pic and the bench they were sitting on (she's into all that old time stuff. To give you an idea: her FAVE show is Little House on the Prairie, lol).

Yay!! All done with March! I haven't done up my usual monthly image yet (like February's and January's) but I'll get it done for tomorrow's post! :D

Onto April! Weeeeeeeee!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 90 - Water Attack!

Yeah - that freak snow storm (yes SNOW!) didn't last long. The summer weather came back with a vengeance, and I've already broken out the summer clothes, along with water toys. The boys had some fun today, running around in swim trunks and squirting each other.

Liam - stinker butt - got me as I was taking this picture (you can see the water coming out and he's looking at my shirt in the pic as he's drenching me, lol). They had a great time trying to stay cool in this ridiculous weather. Lordy - I can't wait to move away from this place!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 89 - Prego Kitty

Yup - you read the title correctly: Fluffy is pregnant. I've been wondering for a few days now, but I'm like 95% sure she's prego now. Just too many signs (I've been googling all of it, lol). But it explains why she's so clingy to us - it happens when they're pregnant. The eating - she's got quite the appetite. And I thought she was getting fat because she was finally eating - but I realized it was ONLY her belly. And after a week of feeling her tummy - I'm pretty sure I feel babies in there! Plus her curved back (something mentioned online). Yeah - I'm really sure she's pregnant!!

I LOOOVE kittens! I grew up with a mommy cat that was constantly getting pregnant. It's one of my fave memories. I'm trying to get Fluffy to stay by us so I can take care of her - but so far she hasn't been interested in the house I made for her! :(

I have no clue how far along she is, but hopefully I'll get to see her babies :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 88 - Here Kitty, Kitty

With our new kitty stopping by every day (mainly for food - I'm no idiot, lol) the kids are getting used to having her around. I usually get this: "Fluffy's here! Fluffy's here!" after which I have to get up and get the food down so that they can feed her, lol.

Apparently Fluffy needed some help in finding the food bowl cuz Liam brought me out to show me the trail he made for her. I couldn't resist this photo op - and grabbed my camera:

So yeah - I'm a little worried that they're getting attached. I don't bond with animals very much anymore - not after having lost so many kitties while growing up (LONG story). But when the boys wouldn't stop talking about Callie (our kitty from Washington that we gave back to our friends so she could stay in a climate she was used to) - I realized my kids bond (appropriately) strong with animals :( So yeah - I'm worried they'll get attached with Fluffy and then she'll just not show up one day cuz she found food elsewhere. Here's hoping they'll do okay!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87 - My Hunger Games Review

So I watched Hunger Games today. I just finished reading the book yesterday and I couldn't wait to watch the movie. I have to say - as far as adaptations go, this one is one of the best I've ever seen. I felt like the book came to life. It already had in my head, but now there it was - on the screen, a feast for my eyes.

And I'm really glad I read the book first. They always say the book is better, and that's no different here. And by reading it first, I knew back stories about everything. The movie skipped over a bunch of stuff (usually little stuff) and it was nice to just know that. It skipped over a lot of interior monologue of Katniss (as I kind of expected) so it was also nice just sort of knowing what she was thinking - what her motives are. I was reading some complaints by people who have only seen the movie without reading the book - and I remember thinking "Well that happened because of this and that" -- but they wouldn't know that unless they read the book.

**Possible Spoilers Below**

If you haven't read the book yet or seen the movie, I would stop reading the rest of this post cuz I'm not censoring anything said beyond this point :)


So yeah - I remember reading one complaint about Katniss right after she blew up the food. They asked why she didn't just kill all the careers right then and there. I remember thinking - well duh, she couldn't barely stand, let alone see straight. The explosion blew out her left ear drum and made it impossible to stand. She only barely just made it to some foliage along the edge before the careers came to the clearing. BUT!! That isn't how the movie portrayed it. Kind of an oops on their part because the complaint was valid - she had thee perfect opportunity to take out all the competition in the confusion and chose to run instead. Didn't make sense. But the book has a very valid excuse.

So yes - please, please read the book! You'll thank me for it, lol :)

And just because I feel like it - here is a list of things that I thought would be different (not things that were missing in the movie, just things I imagined differently. Everyone is doing lists of stuff they left out, and I want to be different, lol).

First were some of the characters. It was impossible not to see the actress who portrayed Katniss while reading the book. So I didn't bother. But every other character was left free in my mind to form as it would. And when I watched the movie - I was surprised by some of the interpretations.

Peeta: I pictured him much cuter. Much more handsome. I suppose some people like Josh Hutchers (and I admit the main photo on IMBD isn't too bad) but, in the movie, I just think he looked ... honestly he looked like a simpleton sometimes. He had that dopey look about him that took away from the romance in the movie. Someone speculated it's because Josh isn't a natural blond (though I doubt it - hair color doesn't fix that dur look). I would have liked someone more handsome, but that was just me.

Gale: I thought HE would be more of the non-cute character. But the movie has him being quite handsome. Tall and handsome (he wasn't that tall in my mind). It's just weird - but I would have liked to see the actors switched for those roles.

Haymitch: I can't remember if his size was ever discussed, but I pictured a fat guy for some reason. A rolly-polly type of fat guy. Someone who is lazy, dirty, and always drunk. I never ever pictured a younger guy. And while I think Woody Harrelson did a great job as Haymitch, it's just not how I pictured the character. Every time Woody called Katniss "sweetheart" - it didn't sound right. Don't know why - it just didn't, lol.

Again, I can't remember if certain details were mentioned in the book, but I pictured her short, squat and much older. Kinda like this lady from Harry Potter, lol. The movie had her as a tall, slender, young woman. However - despite the difference, I think Elizabeth Banks did a wonderful job in the role!! She really brought Effie to life! The lines I read in the book never quite sounded right in my head, lol. But when Elizabeth spoke the hokey lines (like the first line she says: "Welcome, welcome, welcome" - all cheery and weird. It sounded forced in my head, but when I heard it in the movie - I just got it!) She really brought the character to life in a way I never was able to imagine.

Cinna: When I pictured him, I saw a tall, slender, blonde guy. I don't remember if his race was mentioned, but I know I didn't picture a black guy. Actually - I pictured what they did with Woody and the Haymitch character. Long hair and all. I remember, right before I saw the movie - I saw a random picture of Woody and I thought for sure he was playing Cinna. Boy was I wrong. BUT! Lenny Kravitz played Cinna perfectly! He was just like what I imagined Cinna to be like, so I don't mind that it wasn't Woody :)

The Back Story: When I pictured how the movie was going to go, how they would get everything in there, I pictured like a 10min (or so) opening with the story starting in the past. Like they would take all (or most) of Katniss's flashbacks and combine them into an opening sequence. AND! Most important - there would be a narrative explaining the basics. I thought I would hear her voice state something simple like "This is my home. My part of Panem. This is District 12. This is my hell" or something like that. I wanted to see her dad's death, and her mothers retreat into her mind. I pictured a much younger Katniss starving on the street (I thought it would be a different actress playing a younger/sicker Katniss). I wanted to see her and Gale meeting. I wanted her to narrate the way things were. The reasons why. All of it. I was really bummed that they didn't try to do that. And I was further bummed when a LOT of the information about it all was left out. I'm not sure how much people gather from the movie without the book, but hopefully it was enough (I can't know myself since I just read the book - the information is too fresh to remember what was in the movie and what wasn't).

The Outside World: My biggest pet peeve about reading novels in first person is the lack of outside info. We never get inside anyone else's head. We never leave the main persons side. It's always about them and what they're doing - and nothing else. I was hoping we would have a TON more from the outside. From the districts and stuff like that. I was excited to see what they did show (like the gamekeepers controlling the arena with the fire and sunlight and stuff) but I really wanted more.

The Hunger & Injuries: The movie drastically downplays a bunch of stuff. Hunger for one. These people are poor; starving. And yet in the movie, they don't show that. I don't think they show that at all. The book also gives me the feel of .... dirtiness. Both before they arrive at The Capitol, and then definitely when they were in the arena. And instead, we had the movie magic of cleanliness through out the whole thing. I would have liked some more dirt & grit. Injuries were also down played. There was a whole thing about Katniss nearly dying from dehydration. They kept that out entirely. And she gets burned - I pictured a huge burn, around the size of my hand - and the movie has it being about the size of a silver dollar. Peeta has a gash on his leg that goes down to his bone. The movie has it as little more than a deep cut. I just wish they would have tried to show how much harder it all was - the book really has some huge trials. And the movie makes it all seem very neat & clean.

ALRIGHT!! :) I'M DONE!! :D Those were just a few of my thoughts. I think, for the most part, they kept most stuff in. They definitely followed the book, so that was good. I just think it's neat how things are seen differently by different people :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86 - First Day of Preschool

I always try to get a first day of school pic - and preschool is no different! I did his hair all cute and spikey, and he was so excited to have his brand new lunch box - it made for a fun, mini photo shoot!

So cute right!?! Notice those rocks in the background? No - I didn't go find some neat area for this photo -- that's my front yard. Not a sprout of grass in site. I really hate this place, lol.

Anyhoo - Liam's first day went great! He was gone for 3 and a half hours. He got to draw and write and do some crafty stuff (I'm pretty sure she was just seeing where he was at with his letters and colors and stuff). He did so good she said! I was quite proud!! It probably helped that there was a close friend from church there the whole time :)

*sigh* They grow up too fast :/

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Day 85 - Preparation!

Well, my baby is growing up! It seems like yesterday I told Tom I was ready to try for baby #2 and here I am getting ready to send him off to preschool! You heard right - he's going to preschool. It's a private Christian school, so there's no lunch served - which means the SuzieQ in me needs to come out a little bit and start making him a lunch every day.

And that means I need certain things. So Liam and I went shopping today and got everything he'd need for his lunch :)

The fishy container was his idea, lol. It was one of those "Hey get this!" things hanging by the check out counter. I couldn't resist that cute little "Please?" - so I got it too!! I'm a little nervous, but I'm sure tomorrow will be a great day for him!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 84 - Girls Day Out

Since the boys got to have their guy time, they promised us girls we could have our own day. And today was that day!! Me & Jess headed to Las Cruces - kid free! - and spent the day shopping around.

We hit up a flea market and a few other places. And we also landed at my favoritest clothing store: Kohls! I just LOVE this store!! One of these days (especially after I lose more weight) I hope to just go on a major shopping spree and fill my closet with the awesomeness from Kohls! Jess ended up getting thee cutest dress ever - she looked fantastic in it!! And I broke down and finally got some jeans that actually fit (I wanted to lose more weight first, but the only pants I have the fit are just TOO big! Not that I'm complaining, lol).

I grabbed this pic as we were leaving - not necessarily for this blog (though it totally works) but to show Tom where we were (spending money, lol).

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 83 - Visiting the Doc

I mentioned a few days ago that I began wearing a brace to exercise. I have been going easy on it - modifying certain exercises to put even less stress on my poor knees. It's helped - but not completely. I can still tell that my knee is off - that it wouldn't take but a stretch to make the sharp pain come back.

So I set an appointment with my doctor. I had a couple other things to take care of anyways - so might as well get it all done with one visit :)

It all went well. They took an x-ray of my knee, so we'll see how that turns out (they had to send it off to some xray reading place cuz apparently they don't have one in their clinic...or something like that - idk exactly!).

Anyhoo - during the waiting room time (which was ridiculously long!!) I grabbed some shots of Liam playing. I thought this one was kinda cute and decided to use it for today's pic :)

And I had another kit to scrap with today. Kristin released this gorgeous nature feeling kit (that had this dark blue in it that called out to me!). I wracked my brain for a photo to scrap, and eventually settled on an older one of Connor. A fave of mine - one of the first pics I took with my old Sony dSLR camera :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 82 - My Irish Bear

I'm a huge fan of all things Celtic. Irish & Scottish are pretty much the same thing in my book (I know they're not - so don't get your pannies in a twist!!! I'm just saying - I love both equally!!). Anyhoo - around St. Patty's Day - all sorts of adorable Irish stuff come out for sale. And every year, I collect anything that catches my eye.

Last year - I grabbed this adorable little guy. I decided to grab a picture of him for today's pic because (honestly) nothing else happened today that I felt like photographing, lol :P

That is my randomly miscellaneous shelf, lol. Behind the Irish bear -- to the right is a castle figurine I found at Value Village. To the left is a ocean cross thing that has the last part of "Footprints In The Sand" on it. And you can just make out the white pole of a mini wind turbine just behind the bear :)

Random, right?!? lol :)

Oh and I have another layout to share. Julie is doing an American series. So far - she's just done one kit. She did the farming type kit (and if it does well - she'll do the rest! I hope it sells well!!). But this turned out fantastic! I was gonna do a John Deere layout (the colors in this kit are perfect) but these photo called out to me more - so I scrapped them instead:

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Day 81 - Mad Birds

Did I ever mention Liam calls Angry Birds - Mad Birds? Ah well - now I have, lol. Yeah - for some reason, he's always called them Mad Birds. I think it's the cutest thing for some reason :)

So, my daily photo confused me at first. I couldn't quite figure it out. And then all at once - I realized it was a pig in the house. And once I made that connection, the weird tree thing on the right was easily recognized as a sling-shot! :)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 80 - One of Those Days

Every once in a while, I just have zero desire to do anything other than plop my bum in front of my computer and play! Today was one of those days. No cleaning. And only minimal mommy-work! Everything was pure pleasure. Played some CastleVille on Facebook. Browsed around online - over at SSD, and as always - chatting with friends on Facebook. And Pinterest as well - can't leave out that newest addiction!

Gotta love days like this - I know I do!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 79 - And Now We're Back To .... Winter?

So a couple days ago I made mention how annoyed I was the it seemed as if full blown summer had hit us in THIS post. And yet today, for a few minutes - we actually had snow! I don't mean it was hail that seemed like snow. I mean it was snow-snow!

I ran outside with my camera, but because of the wind - the snow was whipping around in an almost painful degree. I grabbed one picture and said "screw this!" and ran back inside, lol. This is what I grabbed:

I was hoping for something better - something that truly showed the chaos that was out there. But this definitely is not it. I'm not sure how I could have showed it better (maybe a little bit longer exposure??). Anyhoo - if you look on the tree - you should be able to see some white bits swirling around :)

And I thought Washington's weather was schizophrenic!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Day 78 - Liam's Kitty

With the (sorta) addition of Fluffy the Cat to our family, Liam has gotten kitty-fever when it comes to stuff he wants to draw. He asked me to draw a kitty for him, but I asked him to give it a shot himself. He wined and moped for a bit, saying he couldn't do it. But when I didn't give in - he kept at it and came up with this (I was quite proud!):

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 77 - St. Patty's Day Chaos

Today was an .... interesting day. Well, first off - Happy St. Patty's Day! Being half Irish, I gotta say I love this holiday. I always have. I've had some good ones with some fellow Irishmen (and women, lol) and some blah ones (sitting home doing nothing). Today was ... different, lol.

So Tom and one of his coworkers (Matt) decided they wanted to go out and party up Irish Style, lol. There's nothing here in Deming, so that would require them to go 50 miles to Las Cruces. Kind of puts a damper on just going to the bar real quick, but you do what you gotta do, kwim?

Anyhoo - so off Tom & Matt go. Luckily - Matt's wife Jess is flipping awesome. She and I get along great. Plus they have two kids the same age as mine - so the kids get playmates all day. Yay!

Lets see ... the day kinda started off with an ominious tone. First - Tom was late. I had to piss him off just to get his ass in gear and get ready. He was probably two hours late (and that in my book is just plain rude!). But it's all good - me & Jess had some fun stuff planned.

Finally Jess shows up and the kids come up to the door. Lincoln, who just turned 3, couldn't figure out the screen door. So Liam opened it for him and Lincoln grabbed hold. And at that moment, a HUGE gust of wind slammed the door shut ---- with Lincoln's fingers in them :( :( :( I ran over there, but the damage was done. There were two chunks of skin on the inside of two of Lincoln's fingers scraped off. I felt beyond horrible :(

So yeah -- it didn't start off too well, lol. We didn't let it get us though and Jess & I put on Tangled for the kids. They played and we chatted. All seemed harmonious. When that was done, we headed to the bowling alley. That was ... not too shabby. The kids had their rowdy moments, but for the most part, they were pretty good. Jess and I had a lot of fun. I even had an all time high school (from the scores I can remember anyways, lol) of 144!!

After that it was time for Dinner. We had already decided to go easy and do Pizza Hut. However, at the last minute I thought why not stay at the restaurant and eat ... That "little bit of rowdiness" from the bowling alley felt a million times worse stuck at a table. The entire episode felt like chaos. Nothing too horrible happened, but it just felt ahhhhhhh!!! the whole time, lol.

After that it was back to the house where Jess and I got our own St. Patty's Day drinks, put on a movie just for us and sent the kiddos off to play. I will say that for the most part - that went off well too. Oh - except for one part where both of Jess's kiddos came out - each with an arm covered in marker.

*face palm*

Apparently Connor went into lala land and didn't notice Liam get down the markers. Well Lincoln and Paige got into them and started coloring each others arms..... I do suppose it could have been worse. And I also suppose we could have laughed about it all, lol. BUT - after the crazy day we'd had - it was just kinda a tipping point. It wasn't funny at all (at the time, lol) and Jess and I both felt like tearing out our hair as we cleaned their arms off, lol.

After that - I can say that the kids and us finally found a happy medium. We put on a movie for the kids and just vegged, waiting for word from the boys. There was some drama with that, but nothing worth mentioning. Jess eventually decided to leave since her kiddos were way tired! And here it is, 1:30 am, and still no boys. I did get off the phone with Tom, and if all goes according to his plan - they'll be leaving any minute now. Fingers crossed that it happens, and that they both make it home safe (fyi: Tom was the DD, so no drinking & driving going on here!!)

As for my photo - I think I'm gonna go with this semi blurry, not too pro looking group shot of the kiddos at Pizza Hut. I never said it was a bad crazy while we were there (though it might have felt like it at the time). Just a chaotic crazy, lol :)

That all for now! I'm so flipping tired my eyelids hurt! See you tomorrow!!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 76 - Summer is Here...?

Well, here we are, mid March ... and Connor is getting a sunburn! I knew it got warm down here, but I had hoped there was at least a calm before the store - you know what I mean: Spring! But nope - it looks like we go from winter (or as I'd call it - a mild autumn) and we just right into summer. But it's a summer I'm used to in Washington: upper 70s, give or take. Cuz lets not forget the two/three ish months where 100 degree weather is just how we roll!


I hate it here - seriously. We should just give these crap states to Mexico and have done with it! There's nothing down here people - nothing!! Ugh!

Anyhoo - today's photo was a snap shop of my baby's burnt cheeks & ears. Poor kiddo. I had no idea I'd have to become paranoid mama with the sunscreen this early in the year :(

And in other news, I did up a little layout tonight that I wanted to share. Kristin decided to do a faith type kit, and while it's a little more frilly with the flowers and whatnot, I was still able to scrap the pics I had chosen before I even saw the kit (the one's from THIS day):

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Day 75 - Fluffy the Cat

And yet another day of zombieland for me. My goodness, my brain feels like mush. It's not lack of sleep (believe me, lol) .... but I just can't seem to do much beyond blaaaaah, lol. I try to be productive and all I end up doing is using up was sad amount of energy I'd managed to gain while trying to wake up.


So, as predicted, I got nothing done. Well, almost nothing. I did do a load of laundry .... Annndddd ... Yup, that's about it, lol. I played on Facebook and did my best to do up photos for this lovely blog o' mine!

Speaking of photos - here's today's picture.

Apparently we've adopted a cat. About a month ago, a stray cat stopped by our place begging for food. My bleeding heart couldn't let the request go unanswered, so I grabbed some food and gave it to her. And - as a result - she kept coming back for more. I didn't mind though. She was obviously friendly (if a bit skittish) and needed some loves.

So, for the last month or so, she's come by pretty much every day wanting loves & food, lol. The kids kept asking to name her, and I said I didn't want them to do that because she wasn't ours to name. But after a month of this, I said sure why not. In the end, the boys were set on calling her Fluffy - and I agreed :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 74 - Knee(d) Help!

Okay, I thought I'd try being clever with today blog post title. Did I succeed - or am I just a dork, lol :P

Anyhoo - I've been doing really well with my 30 Day Shred video. Well - mostly. I had a couple hiccups when I injured my knee bad. I read a lot of complaints about how hard this video can be on your knees, but when - after a month - I was doing fine, I figured I was in the clear. And then, some time during my 2nd month with the video - I noticed I was doing a few of the lunge moves wrong. Worried that I was going to injure my knees, I tried correcting my form. But get this -- changing my form to the PROPER way ended up making my knees sore!!! WTH! :(

But I bit the bullet and kept at it. Like with any exercise, I hoped that persistence would soon alleviate the pain. And it did to a point. My knee felt weak(ish) but nothing I couldn't handle. Until one day - I crouched down to pet a dog. I felt a snap and a stretching that almost felt like a tear. And from then on, if I bent the knee back (like hyper-extending, only not to the injuring point - just the stretching point) - if & when I did that, I got this OMG sharp pain on the left side of my right knee that spread up and down my whole leg. I couldn't walk. Hell, I could barely talk. After a few minutes of sitting, the pain would subside, but heaven help me if I moved my knee back to that hyper-extended position!!!

And exercising with this condition was scarey. I noticed that simple movements hurt now. And my knee felt weak and wiggly :( So I broke down and got a knee brace. And while that didn't fix everything a 100% - it did enable me to get back to exercising!! :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Day 73 - Zombie Boys

You know, if my friend Danielle at Motherhood Truth wrote a blog with that title, it would probably be because her kiddos were dressed up as Zombies, lol. BUT - since it's me writing it, I will clarify: It's not that my kids are zombies. But they do look rather mindless when watching cartoons, lol:

I'm not the biggest fan of lazy kids watching endless amounts of TV, but there is something beautiful about the silence and peacefulness that comes with zombified kiddos!! LOL :P

Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 72 - Ninjago Fun

So before yesterday, I'd never really paid attention to the ninja legos that you can get at the store. I guess they're called Ninjago - though I don't know why, lol. Anyhoo - as I explained in yesterdays post - I got the boys a new lego set. Liam got the ninja one, and he LOVES it! He woke up the last two mornings beyond excited to play with it, lol :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day 71 - Soaring Imagination

So last night, a friend of mine said there was a huge sale on Legos at Walmart, so I headed out there to see what was going on. When they said sale - let me express how much of an UNDER statement that was!! My goodness, some of these legos were on sale for upwards of 80% off!! Big name sets - like Harry Potter & Star Wars. My friend ended up getting a little over a $100 worth (mind you - at their original price, I think they said it was well over $300 worth!).

For the boys, I picked out one for each. Liam got a Ninjago set which he loved! And Connor got a rocket set - complete with launch pad and a command office :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 70 - Birthday Fun

Our friends Matt & Jess - their son Lincoln had his birthday party today. It was a small party, just us and a neighbor of theirs. But that didn't mean it wasn't fun. The kids had a blast running around and playing. And Lincoln LOVED his present from us. I got him a drawer (the same thing Liam couldn't live without, lol).

Today's photos were mainly of Lincoln, but I didn't feel right putting up a pic of him here. So I grabbed one of the few of my kiddos at the party! I would have grabbed a pic of Connor since I haven't had him on here in a while, but he keeps giving me these horrible facial expressions - makes me hurt just looking at them, lol. So I went with Liam :)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Day 69 - Numbers

I knew Liam was doing really well with letters (writing them I mean) but I didn't know he could write his numbers. I was kinda shocked when he showed me this:

Even though a bunch are backwards, I still think that is pretty dang good :) Oh and I scrapped another page today! I think I'm in love with it as much as the one from yesterday! Sometimes a page just comes together, easy-peasy, and this one was one of those! :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 68 - Paging Dr. Moody

Hehe - we've collected a handful of costumes over the years, so it's normal for the boys to play dress up. Liam has been going through a doctor phase over the last couple days. Today was no different - however he was insistent on me getting a photo. I got a few, but this one of him trying to figure out the mask made me giggle :P

And I did a layout tonight. Can I just say I'm in love with it!! Not only have I loved the photo from the moment I took it, but I can't get over how the overall page turned out. The template had the rainbow shaped journaling, and it was easy to see where I wanted to go with it! And while I struggled a little bit trying to get the papers in a way that was pleasing to my eye - in the end, I can't get enough of this page :D

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Day 67 - Holy Windstorm Batman!

Today was all about the wind. I love the wind, but I'm not a fan of it carrying sand & dirt. I know, I know - I live in a desert, and that's what happens here. I get that. But holy crap - it gets crazy sometimes, lol. Luckily, I'd say we only get a storm like this once a month, so that's good. We had one all day today - Tom didn't even have work (wind is good for the wind turbines, but when it gets too fast, the turbines actually put on the breaks and shut down till the wind is more manageable - keeps things from breaking down).

It's kind of insane how blinding these storms are. I tried my best to get a photo of it, but I wasn't willing to go far to get that pic. This one is off my back steps:

You can usually see for miles in every direction. When I took this pic, I thought the mountain was viewable, but after it cleared up, I realized I was off a little. So the "clear" version of this pic doesn't show anything other than blue skies. I'm gonna have to try to get another pic during another storm to show just how little vision we have in all the craziness :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Day 66 - My Workout Companion

In my efforts to lose weight, I've been doing my best to work out every day! I've been doing Jillian's 30 Day Shred. It's been challenging, but I dont' mind that. Liam has been with me, watching me, every time I start. After a time, he started doing things along side me, lol. You should see him do jumping jacks :P

Well, I have weights that I use and he felt the need to make his own. At first it was just a stick of legos. That was my idea (I was just trying to hush him up so I could work out, lol). He wandered off and came back with a new & improved version -- ALL from his own imagination!

Aside from the cuteness factor, I'm actually quite proud that he was able to go and create something like this. Had I thought of it, I would have definitely done this for him - but I never even thought to do this! Makes a mama proud!! :D

Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 65 - Vacuum Find

I don't know about you, but sometimes vacuuming can be hazardous to my children's toys, lol. I do my best to get everything picked up before I vacuum, but it's almost a given that something will have been left behind. I don't always go through the stuff I pick up (well - I'll take a glance, but I rarely comb through it). But I just knew I'd picked up a few things, so I made sure to really go through it all. And I was kinda shocked what I found, lol.

That poor pirate would have been headless (and hookless) if I hadn't gone through it all, lol. Not to mention a Jedi wouldn't have had his light saber (heaven help us!!). So yeah, lol - I was impressed by what all I missed in my precleaning :)

What's the most interesting thing you've vacuumed up? I'd love to know that I'm not alone in this :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Day 64 - Love Those Eyes

I think this might be a common post for me - a common picture. I love my boys' eyes. And I don't mean a little bit - I mean I can just stare at them endlessly, admiring their color and the patterns within the blue. I always thought my husband had gorgeous eyes - and he does. But our boys got a level of blue that is mesmerizing. Liam even more so. Liam's almost have a grayish tone to them sometimes. The blue is so light they almost seem to glow.

As you can tell, lol - I've thought about this often! I just can't get enough :) And while this photo doesn't show the amazing-ness of the blue (like THIS post does), you can still see those gorgeous eyes of his!!

And then I also thought to share a layout I did a while back. I originally did it for a scrapbooking tutorial that I'd written and was gonna share that when I got the tutorial online, but there have been some hiccups and I still haven't posted it yet. SO I went ahead and uploaded the layout :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 63 - Party At My Place!

We are not the hosts. Ever! It's not that we don't want to be - cuz we do...But I guess our friends in Washington (if they could be called that, cuz they kind of suck!) just never really wanted to hang at our place. I mean - there were a few months where we hung in this tiny little house - three families all crammed in. I never understood why we went there, but whatever - at least we were included (sometimes. They loved just doing crap and forgetting we existed. Yes I'm bitter - and no, I won't get over it, lol). ANYHOO!! The one good thing about not hosting events is that I never need to have my house spotless for company. But down here - apparently our place is the place to be (yay! I feel loved, and I love it!). But that means I have to clean, lol....

Well d-day arrived! We were due to have a crap load of people over for burgers and I was still not ready at the start of the day. I mean - why ever would I get everything cleaned BEFORE the day of the get together?! That would just make sense!! *sigh* lol

But I busted my ass all day and at the end of the day (well, afternoon cuz that's when it started) - my house looked awesome! Better then it's ever looked - ever!!! I was quite proud, lol. And while no one at the get together will ever really know what all I did (Jess might know eventually, but I doubt it, lol) that's okay! I'm happy with it all.

And the kiddos had a great time. Matt & Jess came again. Their kiddos and my kiddos played all night long. I got a sweet little photo of Liam & Paige playing. Those two are only a few months apart - and they are the cutest pair. They both really get along well :)

Friday, March 2, 2012

Day 62 - Still Chugging Along

So by now, I had hoped to reveal my start weight in THIS post. That would have meant that I had lost 20lbs. I'm a little bummed that I haven't hit that mark yet, but I'm not giving up. I seriously think that I slimmed down more than lost weight, you know. Cuz I started Jillian's 30 Day Shred in February. No way did I do it every day, but I did do it a few days every week. I worked hard and even made it (and survived, lol) level 2!! I read one blog that made me think I would die on level 2, lol - but nope, I was fine! But I never really lost weight. I have a 5lb "area" where I fluctuate. But I never dipped below a certain amount all month.

BUT! I will not give up! I will keep going. My weights are always near - either on my desk, or on the TV. So it's a constant reminder that I'm still working out - and I'm still working on things! By God I will keep losing weight! I will stay healthy! I will like myself better, dang it!! :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Day 61 - Hello March!!

Well it's time for month three on this here blog! Yay for me still going (though I am behind on posting, but at least I'm still doing it! LOL).

Today I began some of the deep cleaning I've been working on. We have some friends coming over, and I'm determined to have the ENTIRE house SPOTLESS (or at least tolerably organized, lol). One project was washing the slip cover on the couch. I was a little nervous since I've never taken it off before, but I figured that if I broke it somehow - then we'd just buy a new couch, lmao :P

After getting it all off (the white was weird cuz I'm just so used to having a red couch now, and not the white that's underneath) - but after it was all off, Liam was obsessed with it, lol. He thought it was so cool that everything was off of it, and he had a good time helping me :)

Today's photo is a quick cell pic of it all. I haven't got a clue why I didn't snap a pic on my camera, so I apologize for the blurry/crappiness of it all :)