Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 79 - And Now We're Back To .... Winter?

So a couple days ago I made mention how annoyed I was the it seemed as if full blown summer had hit us in THIS post. And yet today, for a few minutes - we actually had snow! I don't mean it was hail that seemed like snow. I mean it was snow-snow!

I ran outside with my camera, but because of the wind - the snow was whipping around in an almost painful degree. I grabbed one picture and said "screw this!" and ran back inside, lol. This is what I grabbed:

I was hoping for something better - something that truly showed the chaos that was out there. But this definitely is not it. I'm not sure how I could have showed it better (maybe a little bit longer exposure??). Anyhoo - if you look on the tree - you should be able to see some white bits swirling around :)

And I thought Washington's weather was schizophrenic!!

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