Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Day 74 - Knee(d) Help!

Okay, I thought I'd try being clever with today blog post title. Did I succeed - or am I just a dork, lol :P

Anyhoo - I've been doing really well with my 30 Day Shred video. Well - mostly. I had a couple hiccups when I injured my knee bad. I read a lot of complaints about how hard this video can be on your knees, but when - after a month - I was doing fine, I figured I was in the clear. And then, some time during my 2nd month with the video - I noticed I was doing a few of the lunge moves wrong. Worried that I was going to injure my knees, I tried correcting my form. But get this -- changing my form to the PROPER way ended up making my knees sore!!! WTH! :(

But I bit the bullet and kept at it. Like with any exercise, I hoped that persistence would soon alleviate the pain. And it did to a point. My knee felt weak(ish) but nothing I couldn't handle. Until one day - I crouched down to pet a dog. I felt a snap and a stretching that almost felt like a tear. And from then on, if I bent the knee back (like hyper-extending, only not to the injuring point - just the stretching point) - if & when I did that, I got this OMG sharp pain on the left side of my right knee that spread up and down my whole leg. I couldn't walk. Hell, I could barely talk. After a few minutes of sitting, the pain would subside, but heaven help me if I moved my knee back to that hyper-extended position!!!

And exercising with this condition was scarey. I noticed that simple movements hurt now. And my knee felt weak and wiggly :( So I broke down and got a knee brace. And while that didn't fix everything a 100% - it did enable me to get back to exercising!! :)

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