Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 63 - Party At My Place!

We are not the hosts. Ever! It's not that we don't want to be - cuz we do...But I guess our friends in Washington (if they could be called that, cuz they kind of suck!) just never really wanted to hang at our place. I mean - there were a few months where we hung in this tiny little house - three families all crammed in. I never understood why we went there, but whatever - at least we were included (sometimes. They loved just doing crap and forgetting we existed. Yes I'm bitter - and no, I won't get over it, lol). ANYHOO!! The one good thing about not hosting events is that I never need to have my house spotless for company. But down here - apparently our place is the place to be (yay! I feel loved, and I love it!). But that means I have to clean, lol....

Well d-day arrived! We were due to have a crap load of people over for burgers and I was still not ready at the start of the day. I mean - why ever would I get everything cleaned BEFORE the day of the get together?! That would just make sense!! *sigh* lol

But I busted my ass all day and at the end of the day (well, afternoon cuz that's when it started) - my house looked awesome! Better then it's ever looked - ever!!! I was quite proud, lol. And while no one at the get together will ever really know what all I did (Jess might know eventually, but I doubt it, lol) that's okay! I'm happy with it all.

And the kiddos had a great time. Matt & Jess came again. Their kiddos and my kiddos played all night long. I got a sweet little photo of Liam & Paige playing. Those two are only a few months apart - and they are the cutest pair. They both really get along well :)

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