Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91 - Hi Grammy!

We went to Las Cruces today. Not for any particular reason - just to get away from Deming, and walk around a town that actually has stores and restaruants and ... well - civilization, lol. I convinced hubby to go to Hobby Lobby where I speant probably an hour and a half exploring every aisle, lol.

Today's pic was something I snapped real quick on my cell phone and sent to my mom cuz I knew she would love it. Both the pic and the bench they were sitting on (she's into all that old time stuff. To give you an idea: her FAVE show is Little House on the Prairie, lol).

Yay!! All done with March! I haven't done up my usual monthly image yet (like February's and January's) but I'll get it done for tomorrow's post! :D

Onto April! Weeeeeeeee!!!

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