Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 115 - Still Not Tired!

Yep - the adjustment to no naps (with Liam) is still tuff at times. Tom had a late night at work, and things got quiet. I turned around and saw Liam passed out on the floor. I'm not even sure why he laid down there - he always pitches a fit whenever he has to sit on a floor.

But yeah - he took a nice little nap tonight. Love the quiet time since I'm busy with layouts! I got one done - can't share it yet cuz the fonts are new this week and they haven't been released yet. But I'm currently working on one that I'm in love with so far. It's a rerelease with one of Yari's kits - and it's one of my faves of hers! Can't wait to show you tomorrow!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Day 114 - Girly-ing It Up Some More!

Well, with me trying to lose weight and feel better about myself, I've started doing girly things. Right now it's jewelry. First I got myself a bracelet. Then hubby got me a new ring. And now - I'm dressing up the ankles!! Oh yeah! :P

Monday, April 23, 2012

Day 113 - I'm Not Tired!

Wanna see what happens when the newly nap-free Liam insists he's not tired? Here - lemme show you, lol:

Yep, we've recently done away with naps. There's just too much going on to ever really find a time for him to nap. And when there is time, he fights so hard to stay awake that it just leaves me & him both in horrible moods. So - it's been a tricky adjustment, but it does create adorable photo op moments :)

And I chatted on Facebook about this, but I'm gonna chat here about it too.

My Amazon account balance has sky rocketed. Not without work mind you - I've been doing Swagbucks and Superpoints regularly, along with a few survey sites. But my total has reached a point that it's time for me to choose which lens I'm going to buy for my camera. And I'm totally stuck!!!

I've got it narrowed down (I think) to one of two (well...more like one of four, but you'll see what I mean in a second, lol).

First we have this beauty! It's the 28-75mm F/2.8 from Tameron. I hesitate to use an off brand, but the Canon version is like $1500 or something close to that. Regardless - it is WAY more than I will ever spend on a lens! I'm not a professional, so I can't justify that purchase. But I was researching one of those all purpose type of lenses, and this focal range came up a lot. It allows me to get a lot in my shot (in the 28mm range) as well as zoom in (the 75mm range) all the while giving me a decently low f-stop (F/2.8) which I need for low light photos.

I like this lens, but some of the reviews make me nervous. There's a lot of complaints about focusing, and that is a big deal to me. Having sharp photos is a must for me, which makes me want to stick with prime lenses...

Next is where it's narrowed down to sorta 2 and kinda 4, lol. I have the 50mm lens right now - which I absolutely love! It's a prime lens (meaning it does not zoom). The prime lenses tend to give sharper photos - and focus is a big deal for me! I love the crispness of a focused photo. The down side with the 50mm is it can get tight indoors. I have to back up to get everything in the photo a lot. Not all the time, but enough that I notice it. And don't even get me started on group photos. I almost have to be a mile away to get everyone in (okay - a huge exaggeration, but you get my point).

So my choice leads me to the 30mm range. But when you search that, you come across pretty much every millimeter you can get. 22mm, 27mm, 28mm, 30mm, 35mm. After that - you have different f-stops. I need a low one, but if you get too low (mainly F/1.4 or lower - if there is a lower) it makes the price go beyond my spending limit (which is about $500 max). So I have it narrowed down to three. The 35mm F/2. The 28mm F/1.8. And the 28mm F/2.8.

The 35mm was my first choice before I ever even looked at anything. And when I found it, I was really pleased with the price. And it seems perfect for what I want. Honestly - there's nothing really wrong with this - I don't think so anyways. I mean - you'll always have negative reviews, but you can't let those be your only deciding factor. So it's still one that I'm considering.

Then I looked further (reading the negative reviews can often give you other lenses that the negative review preferred). So I came across the 28mm lenses. There are two that I am considering - the F/1.8 and the F/2.8. The prices aren't that much different. But the f-stop is, and that's what I'm kinda looking at. I want a low f-stop and a nice lens. I have to say the F/1.8 is gorgeous (and fancy looking, lol) but I can't quite bring myself to pick that one when the F/2.8 looks fine too. And then there's the walk-around-lens - the Tamron one.

Oh the choices! Plus, there are even more to look at, and when I start researching, I usually come across 5 other lenses that make me hesitate and make me want to add them to the list of possible lenses to buy (and the last thing I want to do is add another lens to the list, lol).

So yeah - novel done - that's where I stand on which lens to buy! I'm so stuck, lol :P

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day 112 - Sunday Morning

We went to church this morning. I really do love church, but why do I have to feel so tired through out the whole thing :(

Anyhoo - today's photo is of Liam being a total goofball. I wanted to get a picture of him to send to my mom cuz I haven't done that in a while, and that dang boy wouldn't give me a normal pic to save my life, lol. Thus - my mom got this:

I'm keeping this one short - so that's all for today! See ya tomorrow!!! :D

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 112 - My Real Anniversary Present :D

Well it finally happened - I finally got a wedding ring, lol. Not that I didn't have one before - I did. The first one I had was perfect and petite - just the way I wanted. But shhh - I don't know what happened to that one, lol. Oops. To be fair - I didn't just up and lose it. I took it off when Tom bought me a 2nd ring a few years later. I think he felt the first one was small and he wanted something more showy for me to wear.

The 2nd one was okay. It was a little bigger than I wanted, and there were two rings that fit together and then went on. It pinched me sometimes from that. Eventually that one got stepped on, and one of the rings got warped a little. It never fit right after that. And then when I gained all my weight - it really didn't fit so I stopped wearing the one part of that ring all together. And shhh -- don't know where that one ended up either, lol.

So for the last few years, I haven't worn anything. Either has he - he's gained weight too, lol. But since his new job has changed our lives (for the better) he decided to buy himself a new ring. It's nice too. I thought to do the same thing - something simple & cheap from Walmart or something. But I never liked anything I saw. So he took me to a jewelry store. And after looking in their magazine, I settled on a beautiful ring - which Tom didn't hesitate to buy! Oh yeah!

I should have snapped a pic before the took it, but all you get for now is the box. The ring had to be sent off to be resized before I can get it. But I should get it soon - so yay!!!!

Oh here - I found an online catalog for Kay's and was able to get a screen shot of my ring from it. It's the white gold one, not the gold gold one, lol. I hate yellow gold - ewe! :D

Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 111 - Mr. Krabs & Scrappy Awesomeness

As much as I detest the show SpongeBob, the kids love it. Especially Liam. I don't get the attraction, but he loves the dumb show. And it's really hard to turn the channel when the boys are FINALLY quiet. And the last couple days I needed the peace so I could scrap (which I'll be sharing at the end).

So today's photo was a cute little picture Liam drew of the crab character from SpongeBob - Mr. Krabs.

And now my layouts! First was one with an older kit from Yari. I loved the kit when I saw it released, and now that she's rereleasing it at Sweet Shoppe - I knew that now was the time to finally play with it! And what a great kit! Such fun ellies - I love the page I got from it!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

And the other one is a new travel kit from Kristin. I am in love with the colors. And the kit has a more mature feel to it, so I love that too. I did up another page of our move to New Mexico. I just love it!!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 110 - No Nap for Darth Vader!

Well I think I'm just about done with naps & Liam. As much as I think he needs them, he fights me so hard that it just ends up doing no good for either one of us. He'd rather lay in bed for 3hrs rather than slow down for 5min and let himself fall asleep. And I end up so annoyed by the end of the 3hrs that I'm tense and pissy - and that's not good for anyone. So I think we might do away with them soon (dang it all - I love my quiet time, lol).

When I told him it was almost nap time today, he told me: "Did you know naps isn't my favorite thing?!" ..... Sounds like a valid argument if you ask me, lol.

And today's photo is of Liam and his new mask that I found at a new 2nd hand store down the road. He saw the mask and I knew I had to get it!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 109 - Sleepy Boy

Let's see...Well today I finally decided to get out and do some exercise. After I dropped Liam off at preschool, I took out my new bike and rode about 4miles. I love that you don't really feel how tired you are until you stop, lol. I thought I was gonna fall over for about a minute or two after I was done, but after, I felt great! Think good thoughts that I'll make myself do this again tomorrow (and the day after - and the day after!) :D

After I picked up the boys from school - apparently it was a long day for Connor cuz after dinner, Connor curled up with Tom and fell asleep:

And since this is my blog and I can put whatever I want (this is a hint to any random family that might stop by and get offended by the following photo - please keep your opinions to yourself. I know that I personally keep pretty much all of my own opinions of you to myself - so do me the courtesy of the same. Thank you!). So yeah - I saw this on Facebook and couldn't help sharing. I made sure my friend Victoria saw it cuz she has the MIL from hell (though apparently the woman is finally growing up! I'm impressed by that). But yeah, lol - enjoy:

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 108 - Wind Storm Mess

Well, yesterday I bitched about the lack of rain. Add to that is the wind. Don't get me wrong - I actually love the wind. I LOVE the feel of it running across my face; my body. I love the smell (assuming I'm not downwind from Camas - Vancouver friend will get that, lol). I just love the wind. But here in Deming? With NO grass anywhere, that leaves lots and lots of dirt and sand. And when the wind really whips up - we get lots of dirt in the air, as well as a mess in the yard. I had the backyard all cleaned up from the kids (having no grass - for some reason - makes it really hard to keep clean! It's bizarre!). And no - it's a flipping mess again! Soooo annoyed! :/

That's not even where the pool was! Don't ya just love the piles of sand against the hose? Oh yeah - it's awesome (hear the sarcasm? lol).

K. Don't bitching (for the 2nd day in a row). Hopefully tomorrow will be better!! Fingers Crossed!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 107 - Bring on the Pool!

Well - here we are in the middle of April, and I'm pulling out the pool. Yes - you read that right - I brought out the pool! And no, I didn't fill it up with warm water (though I did add some hot water to the cold so that it wasn't so biting). But yeah - it's completely hot enough for the pool.

I hate this place! Have I ever mentioned that? I did? Oh....Well yeah, I still hate it! All of you people up in Washington wishing for sun - careful what you wish for. Sometimes the rain is a beautiful blessing and I hope you love it as much as I miss it! You don't know how wonderful it is until you NEVER have it anymore :(

Anyhoo - enough blah crap. Today's photo! I got some cute ones of the boys playing in the pool. Connor mostly had his face underwater playing with his goggles, so today's pic is of Liam looking all cute! :)

Oh and I can't end this post without sharing a hilarious photo I shared on Facebook. It made me laugh out loud - seriously a fave for sure!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 106 - Nappy-Nap Time

After church we decided to go to Las Cruces for the hell of it. On the way there, the boys zonked out and I had to grab a picture. The trip to Cruces usually goes one of two ways. They boys are happy - doing whatever it is they do to stay happy. Or (as is more common) they fight the whole flipping way to the point where I'm asking myself why I ever thought going to Cruces would be a good idea. And very rarely - there is a third scenario where they fall asleep. It's rare - very rare - so I don't even think of it as an option. So when it happens - I treasure the silence and arrive in Las Cruces happy and content, lol.

Just don't ask me how the ride home was - I'd rather not talk about it!! (totally kidding, lol) :P

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Day 105 - My Boys & Some Layouts :)

So it's not the greatest photo (I have NO clue why Connor looks so sad - but he really wasn't. He was just zoned out into the TV and wouldn't liven up when I went to take the photo - grrr). But yeah - it's a photo of my three boys'es! I don't get Tom in a photo often, so I'm loving it despite the weird Connor face :)

And now the reason for my uber short post up there - I have a couple layouts to share! Two of my designers came out with fantastic kits and I had to play! First up we have Yari's kit - such a cute lovey-dovey kit. I had to make a layout with it - I couldn't resist!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

And the other one was with a new kit by Kristin. I wasn't sure if I was gonna be able to make something I truely loved since I"m not really one for pink pretties - especially with my boys. But I think I was able to stay away from dramatic pinks and stick with the blue/greens/creams of the kit :) And I have to say I am in LOVE with this layout!!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 104 - Sleeping Like Kings!

Today was a fantastic day! I didn't mention this earlier, but we bought a new bed this last weekend! We've had our current bed (a Queen, pillow-top) for 10 years now. And we both find that the queen just isn't big enough anymore, lol. We've both gained weight, and after 10 years - we aren't sleeping intertwined anymore. We like our space when we sleep, lol.

So we got ourselves a king bed! And we got it delivered today! It looks so huge in our room. I'm not used to it - but I can say that I LOOOOVE it! I can't wait to go to bed tonight, lol (to sleep people - I can't wait to go to bed to SLEEP. Dirty minds - the lot of ya!!! lol).

And my photo is a quick snap shot on my phone. My camera's lens won't let me get this much of the room in the photo and I didn't want to change lenses or stitch a photo together. So you're stuck with a shoddy cell pic :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 103 - Bafoy!

Not sure if you've seen Despicable Me, but if you haven't (and especially if you have kids) run out right now and get this! It's a great movie and your kiddos will love it! We have seen it a bunch, but we only recently bought it. They had it at Target with the goggles that the minions wear, and I insisted we buy that copy, lol.

I'm a little annoyed that the goggles don't have a spot for a human nose, but oh well, lol. The kids love it! And if you don't get the title of today's post, then you either haven't seen the movie - or it's been a while! Just watch it and giggle with me, won't you!? :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 102 - Happy Brothers

You know - my boys aren't exactly the best of friends. I think all parents hope for the best when it comes to how their children are around each other, but I have to say I don't think many of us get our wish, lol. My boys are at each others throat 90% of the time. It's really quite frustrating. I mean - seriously "Stop looking out my window" was a real complaint in my car the other day!!! WTH!? *sigh*

But that other 10% of the time they are decent friends. Even best friends - if you could call it that. They are happy and close and the best of friends. And when that happens, you better believe I'm there capturing it so I have proof that it wasn't all fighting all the time, lol :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Day 101 - My Purple Bike

I was in Kindergarten when I got my first bike. It was for my 6th birthday. It was purple and it was perfect! And it was stolen not too long after that. I was devastated :( My parents eventually got me a new bike, but it wasn't the same one - and it wasn't purple (which is my fave color, fyi). Years went by and I've never forgotten about losing my fave bike. And I've also secretly yearned for another purple bike - having never owned another one in that color.

Well, last week Tom got me one. I think he got it cuz I wouldn't do it myself. I had the money and the desire - just wasn't sure if I should spend that much money on myself. So he took the decision out of my control and just got it for me, lol.

Anyhoo - I realized I hadn't gotten a photo of it yet, so here it is - my new baby, lol :)

Isn't she gorgeous! I love her so much! She's so purple and pretty! And she rides wonderfully (though I still don't get all the dang gears - never have, and probably never will, lol). The boys love that I have a bike - Connor loves riding with me! :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 100 - Grr, Argh!

Day 100 - yay me! Though this is June and I'm just now getting April pics up ... Hmm, not doing so good, am I, lol. Blame it on the awesome summer I'm having I guess. Life is just so fun right now - and I'm too busy to sit and type :P

Anyhoo - today's pic is a hilarious one! Liam is my crazy boy. It sucks that no one ever gets to see it though. He clams up in public. And if I try to record it on my phone, he stops then too! The kid will not perform on cue - it's always spontaneous! And this moment was captured cuz he was just being .... well, being himself, honestly :)

He wasn't really even doing anything when I captured this, lol. I was snapping pics. He was walking backwards and forwards. And then I guess he just ... made this face and snap - I got it, lol. And I love it. I even love the goofy look on Connor's face in the background.

And lastly, another layout. I was late with this one. I was so busy with Easter stuff that I didn't get it done until today (or, well - last night, but in the early a.m. of today). Anyhoo - it turned out fricking awesome! I wasn't too excited about the colors, but what I saw some of the other CT girls do with it helped the direction I took (ie: brown background and lots of dark blue accents!) and it has become one of my all time fave layouts!

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 99 - Happy Easter!

Well today is Easter! I have been on the hunt for something for the boys to wear to church for the last month or so, and nothing has looked right. In the end (ie: last night, lol) I ended up going with white shirts that I found at Walmart. And we got Connor a matching hat earlier in the week, so they turned out adorable, in my opinion!

But I'm not stopping there with photos! I got some great ones of the boys. I was extremely annoyed to find I had changed my camera settings and all of these photos were shot in RAW, so my editing was very tricky and a few pics didn't turn out as best as they could have - but there's nothing to be done for it now, so oh well :/

So the rest of the pics....

First was their Easter baskets. I'm not really one for candy - I am trying to be healthy after all (though this isn't a new thing. I've never been one for TONS of candy for Easter). But normally we just have to stick with cheap baskets from Walmart or something cuz we can't afford much more. But not this year!! With Tom getting me a bike (doh!!! I forgot to mention - Tom gave me a bike yesterday. He used our anniversary as an excuse, but really he just got it cuz I wanted one, lol). Anyhoo - I got a bike. Connor had a bike. Liam was sad and really wanted a bike. So I got him one last night! One that I wanted to get him for Christmas - a Pixar Cars bike.

And Connor - I got this toy for both of them for Christmas this year (I was trying to be responsible and get shopping done early). But I didn't know what to give Connor, so I decided to give him that. It was a wind turbine set. You make a turbine and it actually works. If you can get it spinning - it produces enough energy to light a small red light as well as charge a rechargeable battery!

Then my mini-photo shoot. Liam ended up being my little stud, lol. Every photo I got of him I loved. Connor is still having trouble smiling. His eyes tend to go all weird and I can't get a decent pic to save my life. I have to try to get him to "think of something funny" and that usually gets me something close to normal. But here are a few of my faves:

And finally we have their egg hunt. It went well - then kids love hunting for eggs. They were a little bummed that they were real eggs and not plastic one's filled with candy or money, lol. Not only did we have the hunt with Angie yesterday, but then at church - they threw a little egg hunt which ended up having money in each of the eggs. The boys came home with around $10 each! So yeah, lol - just plain old eggs at the Moody house - boo, hiss, lol. But what'cha gonna do, you know? :P

And that was our Easter! We had a nice time and I had a great time capturing it all on "film" (how does that sentence go now!? Capturing it all on a memory card? Just doesn't have the same ring anymore, lol).

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 98 - Dying Eggs

Somehow, time flew by and Easter snuck up on us! Holy crap, right?! So yeah - today we dyed Easter eggs. The kit I got came with a white crayon and I used it to draw things on each of the eggs. Mostly I did funny faces. Sometimes I added a cross or a heart or a star. A few I put "I <3 U". And as the kids dyed each egg, they were excited to see what would appear (they didn't know that I drew on each of them until things started appearing). So that was fun. We got dye everywhere, lol. And in the end, we ended up with a nice batch of brightly colored eggs ready for hunting tomorrow!

The boys were also invited over to our neighbor's house for an impromptu egg hunt. It was my friend Angie and Connor's school friend, Griffin. Angie had an enormous collection of plastic eggs, so we spent a chunk of time filling the eggs with candy. Angie graciously filled quite a few with money as well! And then we hid them. I think there were a bit over a 100 eggs (we did our best to count, but when you reach 50 or so, it starts to get annoying keeping count, lol).

The boys had an awesome time finding them. When you have so many (and no grass for that matter) it's not really much of a challenge finding them all, lol. But they did have fun. And when they were done and were opening them, they were crazed when they found the money. And luckily, the money was nearly even! I slipped a couple dollars in to make it even between them all - each got $4! :)

Today was a fantastic day! Thank you Angie for such wonderful memories!!!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Day 97 - 10 Years Together

Today, 10 years ago, I married my friend. I don't wanna get all mushy, so I'll leave it at that, lol. The wedding itself was thrown together in about 5wks (it was my Mama's idea - so that we wouldn't just have a courthouse wedding). We pulled it off - but there are many things about it that I don't like. Things I would change if I could (minor stuff like the colors - it was supposed to be dark purple and forest green, and somewhere along the way, the green was replaced by a light purple...I think that was my mom, lol). So yeah - I've got some great memories :) And a few not-so-great ones. But in the end, I was married - and that's what matters :)

Today we didn't do a ton. I mean we did do stuff - but we didn't have a trip planned or anything. My friend Jess took our munchkins and we had dinner and watched a movie. We stayed in Deming, so we ate at Palmas (the local family owned Olive Garden type restaurant - the food is heaven! But I do miss my bread sticks, lol). And then we went to the movies. We saw American Reunion, which was hilarious! I wasn't sure if it was going to be able to live up to the reputation of American Pie, but it did! I loved it! And it was perfect for our anniversary date because one of the first movies we saw together when we were dating was American Pie 2 :)

And today's photo was one that Tom snapped while we were eating dinner. Not the greatest pic, but honestly - it's one of the only pics we have of the day :)

I wish I had gotten one of us together, but I never took the time to ask someone to take it for us. I was more interested in enjoying the date rather than worrying about getting a photo :)

So here's to 10 years with my hubby! And here's to many, many more! :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Day 96 - God Made the Animals

Liam is doing great in preschool! He's making friends with the kids that go there, and seems to be taking things away from it. He practices writing as well as matching stuff ... and other stuff I'm sure, but I'm not too worried about it. I just want him to get into the routine of going somewhere everyday so he can be ready for school!

Anyhoo - he does lots of crafts there. And today he came home with adorable door hanger thing. I snapped a pic - not sure why, but I just liked it and wanted the memory of it :)

And we posted sneaks of our layouts, showing off upcoming kits, so I can show you my latest layout. It turned out perfect! Julie's kit is uh-maz-ing! I just love the colors!! :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Day 95 - New Growth

Well, the weather has heated up enough that spring growth is already happening. I guess it's kinda normal - it is April after all. It just seems so early - like summer just ended (...last November! lol). So yeah - there's new growth all over the place, including our cactuses (I know it's cacti, but I think that sounds stupid, and I refuse to say it).

So there's my attempt at some nature photography. Not sure if I pulled it off, but oh well, lol. I took a few, but I liked this one best :)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Day 94 - Hi-Yah!

I never (ever) wanted swords and the like in my home. I pictured broken figurines and knocked over pretties. But moving into a larger place allows you to feel freer with the space you have. And I've felt more comfortable saying sure when it comes to buying toys that are long and can easily break stuff. Besides - if I get annoyed - I either tell them to take it to their room, take it outside, or to simply knock it off, lol.

So yeah - today's photo was Liam giving me one of his infamous "looks" - the kind that involves eyebrows doing funky things, and facial expressions that make me giggle, lol. He was playing with his (foam) sword, and grabbed a headband and became a ninja, lol.

Totally cute, right!? I just love that photo! Makes me giggle every time I see it. That was him trying to be tuff, lol.

Oh and I finished the 3rd book of the Hunger Games (fyi: *NO* spoilers below!!) It took me like a week or so to finish it. I just didn't get into it like I did the 3rd one. I read reviews that said the book was boring and sucked. I didn't find the first parts boring like some people did, but I did hate the book like so many out there! I detested how the characters all turned out. I don't think I liked one conclusion! And that's saying a lot since by the end of the trilogy, we were following quite a few little stories, along with the main one. I won't go into detail, I'm just saying I wasn't happy. I don't get the need to add a bittersweet (or maybe "realistic") ending to a story. It's a story - you can do whatever the hell you want!! Go for the "happily ever after" ending (maybe with a few crappy parts, but not holy crap ones!) and keep your fans happy!

Talk about crap! ... Oi! I'm getting irked just typing this up, lol. I guess I'm more annoyed then I thought, lol. So yeah - in my mind, book #3 never happened. And I secretly hope that the movie peoples make some HUGE changes and give us a much MUCH happier ending! :)

Okay - all done now! lol. See ya tomorrow!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 93 - Me & Max & Monday's AAM List!

Another blah day - just trying to feel better. I'm getting there, but dang - it's slow going! I'm so tired of feeling like crap! I didn't do much today but laze around and try to get better. I did my motherly duties and got the kids to and from school, but that's was about it. :(

Today's photo was a photo that I took because I didn't know what else to take, lol. When you feel like I do - taking pics is pretty far from your mind, lol. So as I was sitting at my computer, trying to come up with something, I ended up taking this:

See - I couldn't even be bothered to get off my butt and find something else to photograph, lol. But that's all good - I thought I'd give a little update about me & my relationship with my wonderful Mac computer (who I refer to as Max, lol).

As you might remember - I got a new Mac recently and had a rough time in that first week getting the hang of things. I will say that there are still some stuff I don't have a feel for (and a handful of things I prefer PC for), but everything else -- everything that matters -- is easy-peasy now on my Mac. We get along famously and I am SOOOOO glad I switched! I'm tellin' ya - if you can afford it and you're on the fence -- don't hesitate! Just do it!! You won't regret it!! :D

Moving onto today's list. I haven't done one of these in a long (long!) time, and I thought I'd do one today. I came across one that fits perfectly for this particular week. You see - in a couple days, Hubby & I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary! Holy crap - that's a decade! So in honor of him - I present today's Monday, All About Me list:


1. His Smile
Okay, maybe I didn't technically fall in love with him over this, but it was what first made me do a double take in his direction and what made me think that maybe he could be a potential boyfriend, lol. I didn't base potential dating partners on smiles alone, but they were a huge factor, lol.

2. His Manners
This was a pretty huge one. His military background had definitely instilled some gentlemanly manners in him. He was always there, opening doors and what not. It made me sigh with pleasure and blush with ... well, more pleasure, lol. I just love that side of him!

3. He Went Slow (at first, lol)
I was pretty damn innocent (in all ways) when I met him. And the fact that we saw each other for a week or so before he even kissed me for the first time was a huge deal in my book. And that first kiss was so sweet. We kinda sped things up after that (hell, we were married less than a year later) but that first couple weeks was slow like molasses, lol.

4. He Can Cook (and I can't!)
Yep - he can cook. And not just a few things. He can really cook. Actually toyed with becoming a chef after getting out of the Marines. I love his food. And what's better - I love that he lets me give honest opinions about what I don't like so that he can fix it for future meals.

5. He's A Marine
I almost wrote that he was a Marine, but then I could hear his voice in my head saying "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" so I fixed the title, lol. No, he's not still in - but he'd give me crap if I implied that he wasn't a Marine anymore, lol. I don't know what it is about Marines, but they make my tummy do flippy-flops. And him being a Marine was such a yummy factor in my falling in love with him, lol :)

6. He Cries At The Mushy Stuff
So yeah - he'll probably kill me for saying this, lol - but he cries at those really sad parts in movies. Not like bawling baby crying, but misty eyes. I love seeing that soft side of him. He has cried when he's almost lost me for one reason or another (not like in death - but me leaving him). So - him allowing me to see that other side of him means the world to me!

7. He Secretly Loves Chick Flicks
Since I mentioned the crying thing, I figured i'm already done for, lol. So why not include this one. I assumed in the beginning he only watched these with me to score brownie points. But as I've gotten to know him over the years, I've realized that he actually likes a good chick flick. He won't plug it in and watch him by himself (I don't think, anyways) but he'll watch them with me with only minor bitching, all the while watching every minute (and, as I stated in #6, crying - or rather, misting - at the mushy/sad parts, lol).

8. He Tossed Me A Ring In The Parking Lot
As far as proposals go - his sucked! LOL. We had gone to Fred Meyers for something lame like milk. Him, me and his friend Rebold (it's a Marine thing to call people by last names, so I only remember the guys last name, lol). We were heading to the car and he pulled out a box from the bag and tossed it to me. Confused, I opened it and saw a ring. It was on the smaller side, and simple (like I liked) so I assumed it was like a promise ring or something. We got in the car and by then I had put it on. I'm not sure what he said then, but I think it was something like "So is that a yes?" -- Yep, you guessed it. That was him proposing MARRIAGE! Even though I was pissed, I was too happy not to say yes, lol. I agreed, and I've never stopped giving him crap for the way he "proposed" lol

9. He Accepted Me, The Crazy Lady
I'm a little batty. Like to a crazy degree. I've since gotten medical help, lol (depression meds are amazing!) but not for the first 8 or 9 years of our relationship. Pregnancies made it worse, but it was quitting smoking that really made me snap and finally seek help. In through it all, he stuck by me. Not that he was totally understanding (I won't give him that much credit, lol) but I do know I was difficult. It was never a walk in the park, but we made it work and came out on the other side, arms raised in victory!

10. He Chose Me
This is a huge one. The biggest one. Long story short - he was married before and his wife wasn't the best. He ended up choosing her over his family and he regretted it ever since. Fast forward to me. One of his "rules" from the first month of our relationship was to never make him choose. I never planned to. I never wanted to at first. But let's just say that, no matter how hard I tried - Me & his parents don't get along. We tolerated each other for the last decade and recently it all came to a head and me & them -- we no longer talk. They did some unforgivable things and when it looked like he was gonna hold me to that "don't make me choose" rule -- he up and chose me! He finally stuck by MY side instead of siding with them. It was the biggest thing he could have ever done for our marriage and I love him so much for it!

There ya go! My list for today! I'm not sure when I'll do another one of these cuz they are kinda involved, lol. I swear I can never just put an answer - I have to explain it :) And if there are pics - of course I have to put that too!!

Shushing now :D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 92 - Hanging with Anson

Oh man - I'm so sick today! Luckily - it's a sinus cold sickness and not a puking one! I'm a big time wussy when I'm nauseous!! Not that I love me a pounding headache - but I'll take it over throwing up (I did enough of that with my two pregnancies to last me a life time!!!).

But yeah - I wasn't feeling so hot today :( I got this from Tom. And my poor hubby's went one step further with an ear drum rupturing and bleeding! Ack! I feel so bad for him, but at least he's got some meds pumping through him now. He should be feeling better in no time.

The boys have remained sickness-free so far. Pray God it continues!!

Let's see. Well first up, we have my little end of the month collage thingy that I do up. I think the tiny square photos look neat. I'm easily pleased - what can I say, lol...

Pretty awesome, huh!? Three months down, one and a half to catch up on on and a bunch more to go! lol ... Not sure if I'll make up, but you never know! :D

And today's photo was a quick shot of Connor playing on the Wii with his buddy Anson. We try to visit them as often as we can, but it ends up being less that I like. I love his mom Chelly - she is the sweetest thing. And Anson has a little sister Lily who is Liam's age - and Liam and she get along great. So we were there today for a few hours. We had a great time! :)

Oh crap - I almost forgot to add!! As you might have noticed, it's April 1st - the infamous April Fools Day. I'm not one for practical jokes. I don't like doing "funny" stuff at someone's expense, so I just don't do it. But there are some jokes out there that don't hurt anyone. And I did one of those on my facebook page today. This is what they saw:

Me, personally - I can see the results window and it clearly says "April Fools!" instead of "positive" lol. But I had a couple friends that just saw the stick and my status with it and assumed it was real, lol. So I had a good giggle with a few friends. I had a few share this on their page cuz it was just too perfect to pass up, lol.

So yeah - Happy April Fools Day! Hope you didn't have anything nasty done to you today!! :)

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 91 - Hi Grammy!

We went to Las Cruces today. Not for any particular reason - just to get away from Deming, and walk around a town that actually has stores and restaruants and ... well - civilization, lol. I convinced hubby to go to Hobby Lobby where I speant probably an hour and a half exploring every aisle, lol.

Today's pic was something I snapped real quick on my cell phone and sent to my mom cuz I knew she would love it. Both the pic and the bench they were sitting on (she's into all that old time stuff. To give you an idea: her FAVE show is Little House on the Prairie, lol).

Yay!! All done with March! I haven't done up my usual monthly image yet (like February's and January's) but I'll get it done for tomorrow's post! :D

Onto April! Weeeeeeeee!!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Day 90 - Water Attack!

Yeah - that freak snow storm (yes SNOW!) didn't last long. The summer weather came back with a vengeance, and I've already broken out the summer clothes, along with water toys. The boys had some fun today, running around in swim trunks and squirting each other.

Liam - stinker butt - got me as I was taking this picture (you can see the water coming out and he's looking at my shirt in the pic as he's drenching me, lol). They had a great time trying to stay cool in this ridiculous weather. Lordy - I can't wait to move away from this place!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Day 89 - Prego Kitty

Yup - you read the title correctly: Fluffy is pregnant. I've been wondering for a few days now, but I'm like 95% sure she's prego now. Just too many signs (I've been googling all of it, lol). But it explains why she's so clingy to us - it happens when they're pregnant. The eating - she's got quite the appetite. And I thought she was getting fat because she was finally eating - but I realized it was ONLY her belly. And after a week of feeling her tummy - I'm pretty sure I feel babies in there! Plus her curved back (something mentioned online). Yeah - I'm really sure she's pregnant!!

I LOOOVE kittens! I grew up with a mommy cat that was constantly getting pregnant. It's one of my fave memories. I'm trying to get Fluffy to stay by us so I can take care of her - but so far she hasn't been interested in the house I made for her! :(

I have no clue how far along she is, but hopefully I'll get to see her babies :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 88 - Here Kitty, Kitty

With our new kitty stopping by every day (mainly for food - I'm no idiot, lol) the kids are getting used to having her around. I usually get this: "Fluffy's here! Fluffy's here!" after which I have to get up and get the food down so that they can feed her, lol.

Apparently Fluffy needed some help in finding the food bowl cuz Liam brought me out to show me the trail he made for her. I couldn't resist this photo op - and grabbed my camera:

So yeah - I'm a little worried that they're getting attached. I don't bond with animals very much anymore - not after having lost so many kitties while growing up (LONG story). But when the boys wouldn't stop talking about Callie (our kitty from Washington that we gave back to our friends so she could stay in a climate she was used to) - I realized my kids bond (appropriately) strong with animals :( So yeah - I'm worried they'll get attached with Fluffy and then she'll just not show up one day cuz she found food elsewhere. Here's hoping they'll do okay!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 87 - My Hunger Games Review

So I watched Hunger Games today. I just finished reading the book yesterday and I couldn't wait to watch the movie. I have to say - as far as adaptations go, this one is one of the best I've ever seen. I felt like the book came to life. It already had in my head, but now there it was - on the screen, a feast for my eyes.

And I'm really glad I read the book first. They always say the book is better, and that's no different here. And by reading it first, I knew back stories about everything. The movie skipped over a bunch of stuff (usually little stuff) and it was nice to just know that. It skipped over a lot of interior monologue of Katniss (as I kind of expected) so it was also nice just sort of knowing what she was thinking - what her motives are. I was reading some complaints by people who have only seen the movie without reading the book - and I remember thinking "Well that happened because of this and that" -- but they wouldn't know that unless they read the book.

**Possible Spoilers Below**

If you haven't read the book yet or seen the movie, I would stop reading the rest of this post cuz I'm not censoring anything said beyond this point :)


So yeah - I remember reading one complaint about Katniss right after she blew up the food. They asked why she didn't just kill all the careers right then and there. I remember thinking - well duh, she couldn't barely stand, let alone see straight. The explosion blew out her left ear drum and made it impossible to stand. She only barely just made it to some foliage along the edge before the careers came to the clearing. BUT!! That isn't how the movie portrayed it. Kind of an oops on their part because the complaint was valid - she had thee perfect opportunity to take out all the competition in the confusion and chose to run instead. Didn't make sense. But the book has a very valid excuse.

So yes - please, please read the book! You'll thank me for it, lol :)

And just because I feel like it - here is a list of things that I thought would be different (not things that were missing in the movie, just things I imagined differently. Everyone is doing lists of stuff they left out, and I want to be different, lol).

First were some of the characters. It was impossible not to see the actress who portrayed Katniss while reading the book. So I didn't bother. But every other character was left free in my mind to form as it would. And when I watched the movie - I was surprised by some of the interpretations.

Peeta: I pictured him much cuter. Much more handsome. I suppose some people like Josh Hutchers (and I admit the main photo on IMBD isn't too bad) but, in the movie, I just think he looked ... honestly he looked like a simpleton sometimes. He had that dopey look about him that took away from the romance in the movie. Someone speculated it's because Josh isn't a natural blond (though I doubt it - hair color doesn't fix that dur look). I would have liked someone more handsome, but that was just me.

Gale: I thought HE would be more of the non-cute character. But the movie has him being quite handsome. Tall and handsome (he wasn't that tall in my mind). It's just weird - but I would have liked to see the actors switched for those roles.

Haymitch: I can't remember if his size was ever discussed, but I pictured a fat guy for some reason. A rolly-polly type of fat guy. Someone who is lazy, dirty, and always drunk. I never ever pictured a younger guy. And while I think Woody Harrelson did a great job as Haymitch, it's just not how I pictured the character. Every time Woody called Katniss "sweetheart" - it didn't sound right. Don't know why - it just didn't, lol.

Again, I can't remember if certain details were mentioned in the book, but I pictured her short, squat and much older. Kinda like this lady from Harry Potter, lol. The movie had her as a tall, slender, young woman. However - despite the difference, I think Elizabeth Banks did a wonderful job in the role!! She really brought Effie to life! The lines I read in the book never quite sounded right in my head, lol. But when Elizabeth spoke the hokey lines (like the first line she says: "Welcome, welcome, welcome" - all cheery and weird. It sounded forced in my head, but when I heard it in the movie - I just got it!) She really brought the character to life in a way I never was able to imagine.

Cinna: When I pictured him, I saw a tall, slender, blonde guy. I don't remember if his race was mentioned, but I know I didn't picture a black guy. Actually - I pictured what they did with Woody and the Haymitch character. Long hair and all. I remember, right before I saw the movie - I saw a random picture of Woody and I thought for sure he was playing Cinna. Boy was I wrong. BUT! Lenny Kravitz played Cinna perfectly! He was just like what I imagined Cinna to be like, so I don't mind that it wasn't Woody :)

The Back Story: When I pictured how the movie was going to go, how they would get everything in there, I pictured like a 10min (or so) opening with the story starting in the past. Like they would take all (or most) of Katniss's flashbacks and combine them into an opening sequence. AND! Most important - there would be a narrative explaining the basics. I thought I would hear her voice state something simple like "This is my home. My part of Panem. This is District 12. This is my hell" or something like that. I wanted to see her dad's death, and her mothers retreat into her mind. I pictured a much younger Katniss starving on the street (I thought it would be a different actress playing a younger/sicker Katniss). I wanted to see her and Gale meeting. I wanted her to narrate the way things were. The reasons why. All of it. I was really bummed that they didn't try to do that. And I was further bummed when a LOT of the information about it all was left out. I'm not sure how much people gather from the movie without the book, but hopefully it was enough (I can't know myself since I just read the book - the information is too fresh to remember what was in the movie and what wasn't).

The Outside World: My biggest pet peeve about reading novels in first person is the lack of outside info. We never get inside anyone else's head. We never leave the main persons side. It's always about them and what they're doing - and nothing else. I was hoping we would have a TON more from the outside. From the districts and stuff like that. I was excited to see what they did show (like the gamekeepers controlling the arena with the fire and sunlight and stuff) but I really wanted more.

The Hunger & Injuries: The movie drastically downplays a bunch of stuff. Hunger for one. These people are poor; starving. And yet in the movie, they don't show that. I don't think they show that at all. The book also gives me the feel of .... dirtiness. Both before they arrive at The Capitol, and then definitely when they were in the arena. And instead, we had the movie magic of cleanliness through out the whole thing. I would have liked some more dirt & grit. Injuries were also down played. There was a whole thing about Katniss nearly dying from dehydration. They kept that out entirely. And she gets burned - I pictured a huge burn, around the size of my hand - and the movie has it being about the size of a silver dollar. Peeta has a gash on his leg that goes down to his bone. The movie has it as little more than a deep cut. I just wish they would have tried to show how much harder it all was - the book really has some huge trials. And the movie makes it all seem very neat & clean.

ALRIGHT!! :) I'M DONE!! :D Those were just a few of my thoughts. I think, for the most part, they kept most stuff in. They definitely followed the book, so that was good. I just think it's neat how things are seen differently by different people :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 86 - First Day of Preschool

I always try to get a first day of school pic - and preschool is no different! I did his hair all cute and spikey, and he was so excited to have his brand new lunch box - it made for a fun, mini photo shoot!

So cute right!?! Notice those rocks in the background? No - I didn't go find some neat area for this photo -- that's my front yard. Not a sprout of grass in site. I really hate this place, lol.

Anyhoo - Liam's first day went great! He was gone for 3 and a half hours. He got to draw and write and do some crafty stuff (I'm pretty sure she was just seeing where he was at with his letters and colors and stuff). He did so good she said! I was quite proud!! It probably helped that there was a close friend from church there the whole time :)

*sigh* They grow up too fast :/