Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Day 88 - Here Kitty, Kitty

With our new kitty stopping by every day (mainly for food - I'm no idiot, lol) the kids are getting used to having her around. I usually get this: "Fluffy's here! Fluffy's here!" after which I have to get up and get the food down so that they can feed her, lol.

Apparently Fluffy needed some help in finding the food bowl cuz Liam brought me out to show me the trail he made for her. I couldn't resist this photo op - and grabbed my camera:

So yeah - I'm a little worried that they're getting attached. I don't bond with animals very much anymore - not after having lost so many kitties while growing up (LONG story). But when the boys wouldn't stop talking about Callie (our kitty from Washington that we gave back to our friends so she could stay in a climate she was used to) - I realized my kids bond (appropriately) strong with animals :( So yeah - I'm worried they'll get attached with Fluffy and then she'll just not show up one day cuz she found food elsewhere. Here's hoping they'll do okay!!!

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