Saturday, March 17, 2012

Day 77 - St. Patty's Day Chaos

Today was an .... interesting day. Well, first off - Happy St. Patty's Day! Being half Irish, I gotta say I love this holiday. I always have. I've had some good ones with some fellow Irishmen (and women, lol) and some blah ones (sitting home doing nothing). Today was ... different, lol.

So Tom and one of his coworkers (Matt) decided they wanted to go out and party up Irish Style, lol. There's nothing here in Deming, so that would require them to go 50 miles to Las Cruces. Kind of puts a damper on just going to the bar real quick, but you do what you gotta do, kwim?

Anyhoo - so off Tom & Matt go. Luckily - Matt's wife Jess is flipping awesome. She and I get along great. Plus they have two kids the same age as mine - so the kids get playmates all day. Yay!

Lets see ... the day kinda started off with an ominious tone. First - Tom was late. I had to piss him off just to get his ass in gear and get ready. He was probably two hours late (and that in my book is just plain rude!). But it's all good - me & Jess had some fun stuff planned.

Finally Jess shows up and the kids come up to the door. Lincoln, who just turned 3, couldn't figure out the screen door. So Liam opened it for him and Lincoln grabbed hold. And at that moment, a HUGE gust of wind slammed the door shut ---- with Lincoln's fingers in them :( :( :( I ran over there, but the damage was done. There were two chunks of skin on the inside of two of Lincoln's fingers scraped off. I felt beyond horrible :(

So yeah -- it didn't start off too well, lol. We didn't let it get us though and Jess & I put on Tangled for the kids. They played and we chatted. All seemed harmonious. When that was done, we headed to the bowling alley. That was ... not too shabby. The kids had their rowdy moments, but for the most part, they were pretty good. Jess and I had a lot of fun. I even had an all time high school (from the scores I can remember anyways, lol) of 144!!

After that it was time for Dinner. We had already decided to go easy and do Pizza Hut. However, at the last minute I thought why not stay at the restaurant and eat ... That "little bit of rowdiness" from the bowling alley felt a million times worse stuck at a table. The entire episode felt like chaos. Nothing too horrible happened, but it just felt ahhhhhhh!!! the whole time, lol.

After that it was back to the house where Jess and I got our own St. Patty's Day drinks, put on a movie just for us and sent the kiddos off to play. I will say that for the most part - that went off well too. Oh - except for one part where both of Jess's kiddos came out - each with an arm covered in marker.

*face palm*

Apparently Connor went into lala land and didn't notice Liam get down the markers. Well Lincoln and Paige got into them and started coloring each others arms..... I do suppose it could have been worse. And I also suppose we could have laughed about it all, lol. BUT - after the crazy day we'd had - it was just kinda a tipping point. It wasn't funny at all (at the time, lol) and Jess and I both felt like tearing out our hair as we cleaned their arms off, lol.

After that - I can say that the kids and us finally found a happy medium. We put on a movie for the kids and just vegged, waiting for word from the boys. There was some drama with that, but nothing worth mentioning. Jess eventually decided to leave since her kiddos were way tired! And here it is, 1:30 am, and still no boys. I did get off the phone with Tom, and if all goes according to his plan - they'll be leaving any minute now. Fingers crossed that it happens, and that they both make it home safe (fyi: Tom was the DD, so no drinking & driving going on here!!)

As for my photo - I think I'm gonna go with this semi blurry, not too pro looking group shot of the kiddos at Pizza Hut. I never said it was a bad crazy while we were there (though it might have felt like it at the time). Just a chaotic crazy, lol :)

That all for now! I'm so flipping tired my eyelids hurt! See you tomorrow!!!!

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