Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Day 32 - Love His Eyes

I'm so glad I can finally get updated here on my P365 blog! The cake really threw me off, and then the program I edit with was going SO slow - it was taking nearly 5min per photo. I wasn't sure if it was the computer (so I tried cleaning it up, making sure all the spyware and junk was gone). Then I made sure it wasn't full (far from!). And finally I reinstalled the RAW editing software I used. Lo (Low?) & Behold - it worked!!! I'm back up to full editing capacity, and I'm quickly getting all my photos ready for blogging :)

First I wanted to do a little wrap up of January! I have to say that while the month itself flew by, the photos I took makes it feel so much longer. As if I really lived IN that time rather than just let each day pass by (if that makes sense). I'm kinda grateful for that! I grabbed the photos from January and did up a neat little collage and wanted to share :)

Now for today. It's my dad's birthday actually. He turned 71 today! That is an age that just astounds me! I remember when 30 was really old and 50 was old-old, you know? And 70 was just plain ancient (don't get me started on anyone over 90, lol). And now my dad is 71! When did that happen!?

My photo for the day is so awesome - one of my faves I think!! I always thought Connor's eyes were insanely blue - and then Liam came along. That boy has some intense eyes. But Connor does too - I've just noticed that it's harder to capture his eyes compared to Liam. But today's photo (taken while he was out riding his bike - like a pro!!) shows his eyes the way I see them :)

Breathtakingly gorgeous, right?! :) That's all for now. I've got a few more photos I hope to get posted before today is done so I can hurry up and catch up on here!! :)

XOXO! ~Jen

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