Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Day 60 - Happy Leap Day

Well that strange day that we only see every four years is here - February 29th. For me - it's just another blah day. It just means we have one extra day till March, lol. I suppose for some, it's exciting cuz they can finally celebrate their birthday on the actual day! I can't even imagine, lol.

So - let's see. I wanna show a couple things. First is today's photo - it's just a silly moment of Liam playing at Connor's school before school is let out. As you can see by Liam's clothes, the sun is (of course) shining and the weather is quickly heating up (oh you better believe I miss the rain!! I was never one of the haters. I have always loved the rain!!). But nice weather does mean more time playing outside. Of course - there's no grass to play in. There's not even sand. It's this rocky, sand. I can't stand the stuff :(

Liam, however, liked to play hard in it, lol:

Also, since it's the end of another month, I thought it would be fun to do up another collage image like I did in January. Another month down (though I am late in getting these blog posts done) but here it is :)

Kinda neat huh? :) I like seeing them in little collages like this. Reminds me of a post card. :) Well that's it for February! Onto March!!! :)

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