Monday, April 2, 2012

Day 93 - Me & Max & Monday's AAM List!

Another blah day - just trying to feel better. I'm getting there, but dang - it's slow going! I'm so tired of feeling like crap! I didn't do much today but laze around and try to get better. I did my motherly duties and got the kids to and from school, but that's was about it. :(

Today's photo was a photo that I took because I didn't know what else to take, lol. When you feel like I do - taking pics is pretty far from your mind, lol. So as I was sitting at my computer, trying to come up with something, I ended up taking this:

See - I couldn't even be bothered to get off my butt and find something else to photograph, lol. But that's all good - I thought I'd give a little update about me & my relationship with my wonderful Mac computer (who I refer to as Max, lol).

As you might remember - I got a new Mac recently and had a rough time in that first week getting the hang of things. I will say that there are still some stuff I don't have a feel for (and a handful of things I prefer PC for), but everything else -- everything that matters -- is easy-peasy now on my Mac. We get along famously and I am SOOOOO glad I switched! I'm tellin' ya - if you can afford it and you're on the fence -- don't hesitate! Just do it!! You won't regret it!! :D

Moving onto today's list. I haven't done one of these in a long (long!) time, and I thought I'd do one today. I came across one that fits perfectly for this particular week. You see - in a couple days, Hubby & I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary! Holy crap - that's a decade! So in honor of him - I present today's Monday, All About Me list:


1. His Smile
Okay, maybe I didn't technically fall in love with him over this, but it was what first made me do a double take in his direction and what made me think that maybe he could be a potential boyfriend, lol. I didn't base potential dating partners on smiles alone, but they were a huge factor, lol.

2. His Manners
This was a pretty huge one. His military background had definitely instilled some gentlemanly manners in him. He was always there, opening doors and what not. It made me sigh with pleasure and blush with ... well, more pleasure, lol. I just love that side of him!

3. He Went Slow (at first, lol)
I was pretty damn innocent (in all ways) when I met him. And the fact that we saw each other for a week or so before he even kissed me for the first time was a huge deal in my book. And that first kiss was so sweet. We kinda sped things up after that (hell, we were married less than a year later) but that first couple weeks was slow like molasses, lol.

4. He Can Cook (and I can't!)
Yep - he can cook. And not just a few things. He can really cook. Actually toyed with becoming a chef after getting out of the Marines. I love his food. And what's better - I love that he lets me give honest opinions about what I don't like so that he can fix it for future meals.

5. He's A Marine
I almost wrote that he was a Marine, but then I could hear his voice in my head saying "Once a Marine, Always a Marine" so I fixed the title, lol. No, he's not still in - but he'd give me crap if I implied that he wasn't a Marine anymore, lol. I don't know what it is about Marines, but they make my tummy do flippy-flops. And him being a Marine was such a yummy factor in my falling in love with him, lol :)

6. He Cries At The Mushy Stuff
So yeah - he'll probably kill me for saying this, lol - but he cries at those really sad parts in movies. Not like bawling baby crying, but misty eyes. I love seeing that soft side of him. He has cried when he's almost lost me for one reason or another (not like in death - but me leaving him). So - him allowing me to see that other side of him means the world to me!

7. He Secretly Loves Chick Flicks
Since I mentioned the crying thing, I figured i'm already done for, lol. So why not include this one. I assumed in the beginning he only watched these with me to score brownie points. But as I've gotten to know him over the years, I've realized that he actually likes a good chick flick. He won't plug it in and watch him by himself (I don't think, anyways) but he'll watch them with me with only minor bitching, all the while watching every minute (and, as I stated in #6, crying - or rather, misting - at the mushy/sad parts, lol).

8. He Tossed Me A Ring In The Parking Lot
As far as proposals go - his sucked! LOL. We had gone to Fred Meyers for something lame like milk. Him, me and his friend Rebold (it's a Marine thing to call people by last names, so I only remember the guys last name, lol). We were heading to the car and he pulled out a box from the bag and tossed it to me. Confused, I opened it and saw a ring. It was on the smaller side, and simple (like I liked) so I assumed it was like a promise ring or something. We got in the car and by then I had put it on. I'm not sure what he said then, but I think it was something like "So is that a yes?" -- Yep, you guessed it. That was him proposing MARRIAGE! Even though I was pissed, I was too happy not to say yes, lol. I agreed, and I've never stopped giving him crap for the way he "proposed" lol

9. He Accepted Me, The Crazy Lady
I'm a little batty. Like to a crazy degree. I've since gotten medical help, lol (depression meds are amazing!) but not for the first 8 or 9 years of our relationship. Pregnancies made it worse, but it was quitting smoking that really made me snap and finally seek help. In through it all, he stuck by me. Not that he was totally understanding (I won't give him that much credit, lol) but I do know I was difficult. It was never a walk in the park, but we made it work and came out on the other side, arms raised in victory!

10. He Chose Me
This is a huge one. The biggest one. Long story short - he was married before and his wife wasn't the best. He ended up choosing her over his family and he regretted it ever since. Fast forward to me. One of his "rules" from the first month of our relationship was to never make him choose. I never planned to. I never wanted to at first. But let's just say that, no matter how hard I tried - Me & his parents don't get along. We tolerated each other for the last decade and recently it all came to a head and me & them -- we no longer talk. They did some unforgivable things and when it looked like he was gonna hold me to that "don't make me choose" rule -- he up and chose me! He finally stuck by MY side instead of siding with them. It was the biggest thing he could have ever done for our marriage and I love him so much for it!

There ya go! My list for today! I'm not sure when I'll do another one of these cuz they are kinda involved, lol. I swear I can never just put an answer - I have to explain it :) And if there are pics - of course I have to put that too!!

Shushing now :D

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