Saturday, February 25, 2012

Day 56 - My New Baby: Max the Mac, lol

A couple years ago, my old computer just couldn't handle my hobbies involving photos, photoshop and other visual type programs & activities. So my hubby told me to get a computer - have one built for me, geared to my hobbies. We spent around $17oo on this puppy! It was such a big deal that I made a layout about it:

Full credits & full story can be found by clicking on the image!

So yeah, I got a PC. I know, I know - not the smartest choice. I know some people out there think PCs are perfectly fine (if not better) than Macs. Macs are notoriously expensive. Die hard Mac Fans will tell you the money is worth it, and PC'ers will say that it's a complete waist of money. Well, let me tell you something. PCs suck! I'm sorry all my PC fans, but they do! I can't express how pissed I am with my PC experience. If a person spends nearly two grand on a damn computer and it acts up only months into owning it - then something is screwy! And no amount of "fixing it" ever fixed it.

I nursed it for nearly three years before it just died. I mean it when I say died: it flipping powered off with NO warning and never worked right since. I was used to blue screens (they became a literal DAILY occurrence for THREE years!). This was different, and I knew it was done for!

Then my darling husband said the bestest thing ever to me: "Price out Macs and we'll get you one." AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! I think I did a happy dance for a week, lol. And guess what? All the stress of choosing a PC - because there are about a million to choose from - go out the window when shopping for a Mac.

Do you want the laptop version or the desktop: Desktop please.
Do you want the larger screen or the smaller one: Um, the large one is HUGE. Smaller please.
Larger hard drive space, or smaller: Duh - Larger please.

And you're done! I mean - that's it!! I'm sure I could buy an older model - but nah! I'm cool with the current options. And that's all there is. They are so confident in what they produce that they don't even vary from their main hardware and software!!!! That, to me, is beyond comforting.

And the next awesome thing? The price comes out LESS than what I paid for my holy crap PC!!! After tax, my new Mac will only run me a little over $1500!! And it's that realization that makes me wanna slam my head on the desk! I mean, why the hell did I ever invest so much dang money into a PC when I could have spent LESS on a Mac and most likely never have had one problem with it these last three years!?!

No use questioning my stupid decisions though - what's done is done. Besides, consider it lesson learned!

And last night, the waiting & saving finally paid off as hubby & I headed to Las Cruces and purchased my first Mac computer! It was so surreal. I couldn't believe the time was finally here! I couldn't believe that we didn't even need to wait for tax returns to get it (I can't thank God enough for Tom's Uh-Maze-Ing job!!!!).

Today's photo is my new baby. Still in the box because I'm terrified to touch it, lol. Okay - and I'm also still busy getting everything backed up and moved over to my external hard drive so I can transfer it to my Mac. But the first part is true - I'm so nervous to touch it, lol.

So yeah - in conclusion: If you have the money to spend, please for the love of God, don't put it into a PC. It still makes me sick to think of the money I spent on that hunk of junk. It was an amazing computer, but it had so many bugs and issues on it that the heartache and headache just wasn't worth it!! If you can - I recommend a Mac, hands down!!! :D

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