Friday, February 24, 2012

Day 55 - Last Part

A couple days ago, I wrote a blog about getting New Mexico plates on my car. I wasn't too thrilled with those, but I will deal. The next step (one I'm very much against) is getting my license. Let me tell you - if it wasn't for the fact that mine is expiring in TWO DAYS - I wouldn't be doing this!!! Not only do I not want one from New Mexico, but I also don't want to see how ugly this photo is (the one on my current license is horrible! I mean - holy ick horrible! I fear how much worse it will get, lol).

So yeah - today I got my new license. But first - my day :)

I was told last week that the worst days to go to the DMV here was on Monday or Friday. Well - they need a social security card to get a license here, and up until yesterday - I didn't have one (it was lost when my wallet was stolen years ago). Well - you might not realize this, but today is a Friday. I could have waited till Tuesday, but by then my license would be expired, and I didn't wanna drive illegally.

I like to procrastinate - can't you tell!? LOL

So yeah, I anticipated a 3hr wait or so (yep - our DMV su-hu-HUKS!!). I was pleasantly surprised when it was only an hour and a half or so!! And the whole process was pretty easy. And the photo... Thank heavens for digital! They were able to show me the photo right then - and even offered me a do over. I still think I looked nothing like me (grr) but the 2nd one was better then the 1st - and both were better then the current one (even 40lbs heavier - go figure!).

And that was that - I have now left all official Washington stuff to my past (*pout, pout, sniff, sniff*). And today's photo was a moment of boredom for me & Liam both. I let him play with the camera on my phone for a bit, and he took this one. I rather liked it (especially considering it looks much more like me then the uncomfortably still license photo does - giganto forehead and all, lol!!) :D

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