Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day 53 - The Transition

Well, my transition from being a Washingtonian and becoming a New Mexican (is that what they call themselves) is nearly complete. Okay - well, the outward appearance is. Cuz the inner soul will ALWAYS belong to Washington (or maybe Scotland - I'd totally trade my allegiances to live there! lol).

Anyhoo - a couple days ago I finally went in and got my car registered. It actually expired in December, but since I started walking to Connor's school to get exercise, it just didn't matter whether I had my car or not, lol. And extra money went to Liam's bday too. And a few other things just kept me from getting it done. But enough is enough, right?

So yeah - New Mexico plates, here I come!

FYI: NO - my plates aren't XXX-000 - that is just some photoshopping to keep my info private)

I kinda like them. Not a whole lot, mind you - but turquoise is pretty. I miss my Washington plates with a passion though. Oh well - there's nothing to be done for it, so no reason to dwell :/

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