Monday, January 9, 2012

Day 9 - My Start Weight

Today was a pretty decent day. I started off pretty tired, but a tasty cup of coffee from my wonderful new Keurig woke me up nicely. I got a little cleaning done - go me! However - I did learn that if I plan to get a good chunk of house work done, I should get it done before I do my afternoon walk (Liam & I walk to Connor's school to get him - a nice little trek that does great for my weight loss hopes). That said - I didn't get crap done after getting Connor, lol.

But I did decide on a photo for the day. I couldn't decide on anything all day long. It was after an impromptu dinner at Dennys (where I ordered from their healthy selection) that I decided to snap a before photo of my weight. See - I'm finally taking control of my body. It's been two years since I quit smoking (and 7 years since the birth of our first child) - I think it's flipping time to get rid of the extra pounds I've put on due to children & quitting smoking.

And I'm NOT dieting! No - that's not how I want to do things. No - I'm changing my habits. My eating habits - eating better, eating smaller portions, eating healthier snacks, drinking water vs soda -- things of that nature. I'm changing my activities - walking more, cleaning more, being active more, and hopefully soon - exercising more. I want to change how I live completely - not just temporarily while losing the weight. If I can change my smoking habit and become a non-smoker, then by God I can change my eating habits!! :)

So today's photo is a before photo of my weight. HOWEVER! I am far from proud at the amount I've gotten up to (who is, right!?) So - for now I will be keeping it private. I figure when I start really losing weight (I have lost a couple pounds so far), then I'll share my start weight. Say...after I lose 20lbs - then I'll revisit this in a new post and share all!! :)

Ack! I guess with that out there - now I really need to come through on losing it, lol (TOTALLY kidding - I have NO plans on quitting this ever! I'm SO ready to not hate myself over my weight! If I can quit smoking, I can do this dang it!) :D

Okay - that's all for tonight!! See you tomorrow!
~Jen :)


  1. Sounds like a great plan hun love the wayt hat your not dieting but making permanent lifestyle changes! Best of luck x

  2. i swear reading this post i was thinking how the heck did she read my mind, 9well everything except the smoking part) really though i think we might be twins at the moment. good luck jen, ive been at it since just before the first and im feeling great and my house is more clean and organized because i have had more energry to do something about my pig stye... lol ok its not a pig stye but it was pretty outta control with just stuff everywhere! if you need anyone to talk to im always here for ya!