Saturday, January 7, 2012

Day 7 - My New Keurig!!

I had a post all ready to go! I had the photo (well, kinda - I was gonna retake it cuz I didn't like it) and I knew how I was gonna write it. And then, on a whim - I asked my hubby if he had ever heard of a Keurig coffee maker. He got all crazy excited, saying yes he had - that they actually had one at work.

Long story short - after the kiddos went to bed, hubby ran up to Walmart and got us a fancy-smancy new Keurig! And not wanting to wait till the morning to give it a try, I grabbed a decaf coffee cartridge thingy that came with it and brewed me up my first cup of Keurig coffee.

Oh my, was that a tasty cup of coffee!! Even with it being decaf, it still tasted delicious!! I can't wait till tomorrow to try another kind of coffee!! :D

OH! Before I go -- I meant to share this yesterday, and forgot till it was too late and I was ready for bed. I scrapped a couple days ago, and thought to share :) Kristin & Jenn teamed up and created a beautiful kit. And I'm thrilled with how my layout turned out. The clustering came together so easy on this one - and that rarely happens for me :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

Now I'm done!! Thanks for stopping by! See you tomorrow :)

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