Thursday, January 26, 2012

Day 26 - My First Fondant Cake

**Note** To see how I made my Angry Bird cake & characters, go HERE. To read my P365 entry, continue on :)

Today was the day I finally dove into Liam's birthday cake (not literally, lol). I've always wanted to try my hand at making a fondant cake, but honestly - could never afford to do it. Well that is no longer the case (yay!). And while playing around on Pinterest one day, I came across some of the most adorable Angry Bird cakes. And guess who saw? I'll give you a hint - the cake is for him, lol.

So today, I started in. I researched how early I can make stuff, and since fondant doesn't (actually - can't without getting sticky & nasty) be refrigerated, it can be made into decorations and left out. So today was all about the birds! I found a couple step by step instructions for the red bird, so I started with him to get the feel for molding fondant into characters. Took me a bit to get the hang of it, but it was really pretty easy :)

I continued on with the rest of the birds. Then, after Tom got home from work - Liam wanted to do Burger King for dinner since it's his birthday today (OH! I forgot to say that! LOL - today is Liam's actual birthday. His party isn't till Sunday). I ate healthy there - I had their yummy chicken salad. OMG so tasty!! Yay for staying healthy! :D

I finished up the last bird tonight around 11pm. I'm so dang tired, lol. I also got the green fondant all ready for the pigs (the only green I could find was way dark, so I mixed some white & yellow and was able to get the right color). So tomorrow is all about the pigs and then any other decor that I need (ie: the sling shot for one).

Today's photo is a cute moment where the boys came in to see my progress. Liam BEFORE the photo was all cute and laughing like crazy at the bird, lol. But once I went around with my camera Liam AFTER became this kinda fake happy and is only looking at the bird cuz i told him to, lol. Oh well - still cute.

Be back tomorrow with more tales of my first attempt at a fondant cake! Wish me luck!! XOXO! ~Jen

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