Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 15 - My New Mac

No, I didn't buy it today. I decided to save up till next payday so that we don't stretch ourselves too thin over the next couple weeks (trust me - that was a HARD decision, lol). But I did visit it today, lol

We left the crappy town of Deming today and returned to civilization by visiting Las Cruces. It's a 50 mile drive (give or take) that takes around 45min if one can just drive. However - there's almost always a need for at least one bathroom break on the way there :)

Once there, we just went to our normal spots. The mall was first - like always. Went to Verizon to pay my cell bill. And then asked around for the best barber shop. Turns out - none were open on Sundays (at least none worth going to). So the kiddos getting a hair cut has been put on hold once again. We headed to Chuck E Cheese's and made plans for Liam's birthday party :) And then we stopped at Barns & Noble on the way out - grabbing a movie (a special edition copy of Big Fish) and looked around for a bit.

Then we went to Best Buy! And I got to see what will soon be MY computer! Oh.Em.Gee! I cannot wait to own my new computer!! I've wanted a Mac for so long, and the time is SO near!! I got a few questions answered about keyboards and mouses (is it mouses? I don't think it's mice, lol). And then I grabbed my photo (just a cell phone pic, but I really wanted this for today's photo):

Ain't it purty!? :)

Anyhoo - after that, we had dinner at the Golden Corral. We'd never been to one (wth is with the drinks at the beginning!? What a dumb set up that is!!!) We actually really liked it. All we'd ever been to was Home Town Buffet - and I liked this place more. I did my best to eat healthy. I think I did pretty good. And for desert - I had frozen yogurt and fruit (go me!! lol).

And then home we went. The drive back we listened to a CD Tom got (comedian Christopher Titus - too frickin' funny!) and made good time. Kiddos are in bed, and we had a good day :)

That's it for today!! See you tomorrow!


  1. Congrats on your soon to be new computer! I love the mac that my husband forced me to to get a few years ago.

  2. Soooo glad my boys aren't the only ones running around needing haircuts. haha. That Mac is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm so excited for you!!!!!

  3. How fun! Hope you get your new computer soon! My middle son ate at a Golden Corral for the first time on a trip to a football game with his teammates. They all loved it.

  4. Congrats on the new computer! My kids need a haircut as well & I'm hoping to get them today

  5. eee, a new Mac, SO exciting! My Mac is like my baby, I love it so. Haha.

  6. Can I say that I ♥ your header?