Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20 - The Innocence of a Child

Well, as luck would have it - the blog I wanted to write yesterday fits for today as well, so here goes nothin' :)

Liam is 3 years old. He'll be four in a few days, but he has all the innocence of any child I've ever known. You know the kind ... The kind that allows in the belief that anything & everything is possible. The kind that allows for passion - both good and bad - to be displayed no matter where were are, or how quiet we need to be :) His actions for the last couple days has really got me thinking about things that he does that I wouldn't even think of doing ....

If there are squares on the ground, then Liam must play hopscotch! He'll hop around on those squares for countless minutes without a care in the world. When was the last time you hopscotched with abandon, lol... Costumes are meant to be worn whenever and wherever in his world. He's been wearing his brother's old Iron Man costume for the last 3 days or so (ever since he found it). He sleeps in it, plays in it, wears it everywhere I let him (which is anywhere he wants to, cuz it's not hurting anyone).... He believes, 100% in the existence of Santa. Now - I know this can be horrible in some people's opinions, but not mine. The joy I see in his face when he thinks of the magic of Christmas! I wouldn't take that away for the world. I know one day he'll know the truth, but I also know that that is a few years away :)

There's so many other things he does that makes me see that innocence shining through. I could probably write a novel on the subject, lol. I just love how amazing the world is through his eyes. I miss not having a worry in the world. Where the only thing that can truly ruin my day is being told it's nap time -- especially considering that now, being told it's nap time is the best news ever! lol :)

Anyhoo - I'm gonna wrap this up and post today's photo :) Remember that Iron Man costume I mentioned? Well, yesterday & today, he's worn it while going to pick up Connor from school :)

I just love that photo! Okay, I've got to go. I have one more photo to get up so that I'm caught up, and it's still on my camera!!

See you soon! XOXO ~Jen :)

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