Sunday, April 8, 2012

Day 99 - Happy Easter!

Well today is Easter! I have been on the hunt for something for the boys to wear to church for the last month or so, and nothing has looked right. In the end (ie: last night, lol) I ended up going with white shirts that I found at Walmart. And we got Connor a matching hat earlier in the week, so they turned out adorable, in my opinion!

But I'm not stopping there with photos! I got some great ones of the boys. I was extremely annoyed to find I had changed my camera settings and all of these photos were shot in RAW, so my editing was very tricky and a few pics didn't turn out as best as they could have - but there's nothing to be done for it now, so oh well :/

So the rest of the pics....

First was their Easter baskets. I'm not really one for candy - I am trying to be healthy after all (though this isn't a new thing. I've never been one for TONS of candy for Easter). But normally we just have to stick with cheap baskets from Walmart or something cuz we can't afford much more. But not this year!! With Tom getting me a bike (doh!!! I forgot to mention - Tom gave me a bike yesterday. He used our anniversary as an excuse, but really he just got it cuz I wanted one, lol). Anyhoo - I got a bike. Connor had a bike. Liam was sad and really wanted a bike. So I got him one last night! One that I wanted to get him for Christmas - a Pixar Cars bike.

And Connor - I got this toy for both of them for Christmas this year (I was trying to be responsible and get shopping done early). But I didn't know what to give Connor, so I decided to give him that. It was a wind turbine set. You make a turbine and it actually works. If you can get it spinning - it produces enough energy to light a small red light as well as charge a rechargeable battery!

Then my mini-photo shoot. Liam ended up being my little stud, lol. Every photo I got of him I loved. Connor is still having trouble smiling. His eyes tend to go all weird and I can't get a decent pic to save my life. I have to try to get him to "think of something funny" and that usually gets me something close to normal. But here are a few of my faves:

And finally we have their egg hunt. It went well - then kids love hunting for eggs. They were a little bummed that they were real eggs and not plastic one's filled with candy or money, lol. Not only did we have the hunt with Angie yesterday, but then at church - they threw a little egg hunt which ended up having money in each of the eggs. The boys came home with around $10 each! So yeah, lol - just plain old eggs at the Moody house - boo, hiss, lol. But what'cha gonna do, you know? :P

And that was our Easter! We had a nice time and I had a great time capturing it all on "film" (how does that sentence go now!? Capturing it all on a memory card? Just doesn't have the same ring anymore, lol).

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