Saturday, April 7, 2012

Day 98 - Dying Eggs

Somehow, time flew by and Easter snuck up on us! Holy crap, right?! So yeah - today we dyed Easter eggs. The kit I got came with a white crayon and I used it to draw things on each of the eggs. Mostly I did funny faces. Sometimes I added a cross or a heart or a star. A few I put "I <3 U". And as the kids dyed each egg, they were excited to see what would appear (they didn't know that I drew on each of them until things started appearing). So that was fun. We got dye everywhere, lol. And in the end, we ended up with a nice batch of brightly colored eggs ready for hunting tomorrow!

The boys were also invited over to our neighbor's house for an impromptu egg hunt. It was my friend Angie and Connor's school friend, Griffin. Angie had an enormous collection of plastic eggs, so we spent a chunk of time filling the eggs with candy. Angie graciously filled quite a few with money as well! And then we hid them. I think there were a bit over a 100 eggs (we did our best to count, but when you reach 50 or so, it starts to get annoying keeping count, lol).

The boys had an awesome time finding them. When you have so many (and no grass for that matter) it's not really much of a challenge finding them all, lol. But they did have fun. And when they were done and were opening them, they were crazed when they found the money. And luckily, the money was nearly even! I slipped a couple dollars in to make it even between them all - each got $4! :)

Today was a fantastic day! Thank you Angie for such wonderful memories!!!

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