Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 92 - Hanging with Anson

Oh man - I'm so sick today! Luckily - it's a sinus cold sickness and not a puking one! I'm a big time wussy when I'm nauseous!! Not that I love me a pounding headache - but I'll take it over throwing up (I did enough of that with my two pregnancies to last me a life time!!!).

But yeah - I wasn't feeling so hot today :( I got this from Tom. And my poor hubby's went one step further with an ear drum rupturing and bleeding! Ack! I feel so bad for him, but at least he's got some meds pumping through him now. He should be feeling better in no time.

The boys have remained sickness-free so far. Pray God it continues!!

Let's see. Well first up, we have my little end of the month collage thingy that I do up. I think the tiny square photos look neat. I'm easily pleased - what can I say, lol...

Pretty awesome, huh!? Three months down, one and a half to catch up on on and a bunch more to go! lol ... Not sure if I'll make up, but you never know! :D

And today's photo was a quick shot of Connor playing on the Wii with his buddy Anson. We try to visit them as often as we can, but it ends up being less that I like. I love his mom Chelly - she is the sweetest thing. And Anson has a little sister Lily who is Liam's age - and Liam and she get along great. So we were there today for a few hours. We had a great time! :)

Oh crap - I almost forgot to add!! As you might have noticed, it's April 1st - the infamous April Fools Day. I'm not one for practical jokes. I don't like doing "funny" stuff at someone's expense, so I just don't do it. But there are some jokes out there that don't hurt anyone. And I did one of those on my facebook page today. This is what they saw:

Me, personally - I can see the results window and it clearly says "April Fools!" instead of "positive" lol. But I had a couple friends that just saw the stick and my status with it and assumed it was real, lol. So I had a good giggle with a few friends. I had a few share this on their page cuz it was just too perfect to pass up, lol.

So yeah - Happy April Fools Day! Hope you didn't have anything nasty done to you today!! :)

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