Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Day 115 - Still Not Tired!

Yep - the adjustment to no naps (with Liam) is still tuff at times. Tom had a late night at work, and things got quiet. I turned around and saw Liam passed out on the floor. I'm not even sure why he laid down there - he always pitches a fit whenever he has to sit on a floor.

But yeah - he took a nice little nap tonight. Love the quiet time since I'm busy with layouts! I got one done - can't share it yet cuz the fonts are new this week and they haven't been released yet. But I'm currently working on one that I'm in love with so far. It's a rerelease with one of Yari's kits - and it's one of my faves of hers! Can't wait to show you tomorrow!!

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