Saturday, April 21, 2012

Day 112 - My Real Anniversary Present :D

Well it finally happened - I finally got a wedding ring, lol. Not that I didn't have one before - I did. The first one I had was perfect and petite - just the way I wanted. But shhh - I don't know what happened to that one, lol. Oops. To be fair - I didn't just up and lose it. I took it off when Tom bought me a 2nd ring a few years later. I think he felt the first one was small and he wanted something more showy for me to wear.

The 2nd one was okay. It was a little bigger than I wanted, and there were two rings that fit together and then went on. It pinched me sometimes from that. Eventually that one got stepped on, and one of the rings got warped a little. It never fit right after that. And then when I gained all my weight - it really didn't fit so I stopped wearing the one part of that ring all together. And shhh -- don't know where that one ended up either, lol.

So for the last few years, I haven't worn anything. Either has he - he's gained weight too, lol. But since his new job has changed our lives (for the better) he decided to buy himself a new ring. It's nice too. I thought to do the same thing - something simple & cheap from Walmart or something. But I never liked anything I saw. So he took me to a jewelry store. And after looking in their magazine, I settled on a beautiful ring - which Tom didn't hesitate to buy! Oh yeah!

I should have snapped a pic before the took it, but all you get for now is the box. The ring had to be sent off to be resized before I can get it. But I should get it soon - so yay!!!!

Oh here - I found an online catalog for Kay's and was able to get a screen shot of my ring from it. It's the white gold one, not the gold gold one, lol. I hate yellow gold - ewe! :D

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