Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 110 - No Nap for Darth Vader!

Well I think I'm just about done with naps & Liam. As much as I think he needs them, he fights me so hard that it just ends up doing no good for either one of us. He'd rather lay in bed for 3hrs rather than slow down for 5min and let himself fall asleep. And I end up so annoyed by the end of the 3hrs that I'm tense and pissy - and that's not good for anyone. So I think we might do away with them soon (dang it all - I love my quiet time, lol).

When I told him it was almost nap time today, he told me: "Did you know naps isn't my favorite thing?!" ..... Sounds like a valid argument if you ask me, lol.

And today's photo is of Liam and his new mask that I found at a new 2nd hand store down the road. He saw the mask and I knew I had to get it!

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