Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Day 109 - Sleepy Boy

Let's see...Well today I finally decided to get out and do some exercise. After I dropped Liam off at preschool, I took out my new bike and rode about 4miles. I love that you don't really feel how tired you are until you stop, lol. I thought I was gonna fall over for about a minute or two after I was done, but after, I felt great! Think good thoughts that I'll make myself do this again tomorrow (and the day after - and the day after!) :D

After I picked up the boys from school - apparently it was a long day for Connor cuz after dinner, Connor curled up with Tom and fell asleep:

And since this is my blog and I can put whatever I want (this is a hint to any random family that might stop by and get offended by the following photo - please keep your opinions to yourself. I know that I personally keep pretty much all of my own opinions of you to myself - so do me the courtesy of the same. Thank you!). So yeah - I saw this on Facebook and couldn't help sharing. I made sure my friend Victoria saw it cuz she has the MIL from hell (though apparently the woman is finally growing up! I'm impressed by that). But yeah, lol - enjoy:

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