Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 108 - Wind Storm Mess

Well, yesterday I bitched about the lack of rain. Add to that is the wind. Don't get me wrong - I actually love the wind. I LOVE the feel of it running across my face; my body. I love the smell (assuming I'm not downwind from Camas - Vancouver friend will get that, lol). I just love the wind. But here in Deming? With NO grass anywhere, that leaves lots and lots of dirt and sand. And when the wind really whips up - we get lots of dirt in the air, as well as a mess in the yard. I had the backyard all cleaned up from the kids (having no grass - for some reason - makes it really hard to keep clean! It's bizarre!). And no - it's a flipping mess again! Soooo annoyed! :/

That's not even where the pool was! Don't ya just love the piles of sand against the hose? Oh yeah - it's awesome (hear the sarcasm? lol).

K. Don't bitching (for the 2nd day in a row). Hopefully tomorrow will be better!! Fingers Crossed!

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