Monday, April 16, 2012

Day 107 - Bring on the Pool!

Well - here we are in the middle of April, and I'm pulling out the pool. Yes - you read that right - I brought out the pool! And no, I didn't fill it up with warm water (though I did add some hot water to the cold so that it wasn't so biting). But yeah - it's completely hot enough for the pool.

I hate this place! Have I ever mentioned that? I did? Oh....Well yeah, I still hate it! All of you people up in Washington wishing for sun - careful what you wish for. Sometimes the rain is a beautiful blessing and I hope you love it as much as I miss it! You don't know how wonderful it is until you NEVER have it anymore :(

Anyhoo - enough blah crap. Today's photo! I got some cute ones of the boys playing in the pool. Connor mostly had his face underwater playing with his goggles, so today's pic is of Liam looking all cute! :)

Oh and I can't end this post without sharing a hilarious photo I shared on Facebook. It made me laugh out loud - seriously a fave for sure!

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