Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 104 - Sleeping Like Kings!

Today was a fantastic day! I didn't mention this earlier, but we bought a new bed this last weekend! We've had our current bed (a Queen, pillow-top) for 10 years now. And we both find that the queen just isn't big enough anymore, lol. We've both gained weight, and after 10 years - we aren't sleeping intertwined anymore. We like our space when we sleep, lol.

So we got ourselves a king bed! And we got it delivered today! It looks so huge in our room. I'm not used to it - but I can say that I LOOOOVE it! I can't wait to go to bed tonight, lol (to sleep people - I can't wait to go to bed to SLEEP. Dirty minds - the lot of ya!!! lol).

And my photo is a quick snap shot on my phone. My camera's lens won't let me get this much of the room in the photo and I didn't want to change lenses or stitch a photo together. So you're stuck with a shoddy cell pic :)

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