Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day 57 - Happy Birthday

So after getting an amazing birthday present on Friday, I was pretty much satisfied with how my birthday weekend was turning out. I wasn't worried if I didn't anything on my actual bday or not. We did try to go bowling last night (it's what I asked to do) but a bunch of leaguers were there, and the place was packed.

So today - we went bowling after church. It was really nice - virtually empty. It was a lot more comfortable than the cramped atmosphere of Friday & Saturday nights. After that, we got ready for my special dinner: Olive Garden. Our friends (Tom's coworker Matt and his wife Jess) were gonna watch the boys for us so we could do dinner alone, but some huge fight prevented that. Matt wasn't even home, and I didn't feel it was right to drop off our kiddos with a distraught Jess. So we just brought the kiddos with us (which is a 100% fine with me - I do love them after all, lol).

Dinner was fabulous! I love me some Olive Garden. The bread sticks were mmm-mmm-good!! I had almost a whole basket on my own and my salad and I was full (but that was my intention from the beginning, lol). I just brought my nummy fettuccine alfredo home :D

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