Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 54 - Connor's First Gun

Connor got his first gun this last Christmas. Relax - it's nothing huge, lol. It's just a BB gun. I'm not a gun person myself, but my hubby is. So this is me, trying to compromise. Congratulate me already!! :P

Anyhoo - I'm honestly not sure why Connor hasn't gotten to shoot it before now, but that's neither here not there. The fact is that he finally got to shoot it :) He loved it!! And despite hating it (mostly - it was a BB gun after all. Those aren't horrible in my book) - I was proud of him :)

Not the best pic, but the light was fading fast and there wasn't much room to photograph him (without being in his way, lol).

And I can share a layout I made earlier this week. It drives me nuts cuz I'm just not sure of the title. I thought of the title first - before I even did the layout. I thought of them painting eggs and liked the idea of using masterpiece. And then the word Eggtastic just popped in my head. "Eggtastic Masterpiece" - how cute, right? So I work long and hard on my layout. The title alone I paid extra attention too. The perfectionist in me wouldn't have it any other way.

I loved my layout! It was perfect in my eyes! I save it and start uploading it. I enter all the info in and push to upload. I swear - almost from the second I see it in my gallery - I suddenly HATE the title. I mean, "Eggtastic Masterpiece" - WTF is that?! How stupid!


But alas, I have NO desire to redo it. And as I stare at it, the name grows on me. Besides - I worked my butt off on that dang title - I'm keeping it!! :P

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

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