Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 52 - Another Hair Cut

Goodness - hair grows fast, lol. I've been doing my best to cut the boys' hair myself so we aren't spending like 20 bucks every two weeks or so. But when you're finacially capable, then really - why bother, you know? So, on a whim my hubby said we were gonna drive to Cruces and get the boys a hair cut! We had been told about an awesome spot and wanted to give it a try.

I was VERY happy. I should have grabbed some before & after pics, but I only had my cell and apparently left my P365 brain at home, cuz I only got a couple during pics. And Connor had a horrible expression in his pic, lol - so the only one for today is my adorable Little Liam:

Tom really liked it because it was the FIRST place that gave the boys a zero around their neck and the lower part of their head. We always say zero and fade up, but it ends up being more like a one. So ya for small things, lol :)

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