Sunday, February 19, 2012

Day 50 - Night Time Routine

Every night, it's pretty much the same. The boys clean up around 8:30pm. They brush their teeth and get ready for bed. Go potty. Get a drink of water. Get loves from me. And get tucked in by Daddy. Connor happily passes out (in like 5 minutes - lucky!) and Liam spends the next two hours pissing us off, lol. First, he almost always forgets something - going potty, specific loves from me (he'll kiss both my cheeks and my nose), or a drink. He also always has drawer in bed with him. He makes me a picture every night and has to give it to me. Sometimes I'll go get it, but most of the time I just have him bring it to me (that's my lazy side coming out). I've begun to really look forward to my nightly drawings. He sometimes spends a half hour or more working on it. He'll start one, get irked with it, erase it and start again. Over and over till he's happy.

So that's today's photo: one of my nightly drawings. He drew our family tonight. He made sure to give us all our appropriate hair (including Tom's shaved head, lol). I just love it!! :)

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