Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 47 - A Sleeping Angel

So my youngest Liam is quite the brat. And I don't mean that lightly - or even jokingly. He is a fricking terror child most days, lol. I love him with my whole heart - and he does have good moments. But he is a spoiled monster a LOT and seems to be holding onto those terrible twos & threes with all he's worth (he just turned 4 at the end of January).

But there are moments where the sweet angel appears. And this is never more true then when he is sleeping, lol. I went in to give my final goodnight kisses and saw him sleeping like this and had to grab a photo (thank goodness for the lightscoop -- this was a dark, dark room and no light had to be turned on to grab this - so I never woke him up!)

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