Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Day 46 - Connor and the Tree

Picking up Connor today, I was greeted with a red, scratched cheek and a small goose egg on his forehead. I'll be honest - I didn't actually notice it myself. But he was quick to tell me he got hurt and then I noticed. And after he told me what happened, I couldn't stop laughing! My poor, uncoordinated, unobservant boy, lol.

In short: he ran into a tree, lmao!! I guess he was going after a ball - and his attention was focused on that and not on the tree in his path. Well - the tree didn't move, lol :P

The photos I took really didn't show the extent of it all. It was quite red, and looked pretty nasty. Those details were lost (and no amount of editing and trial with angles & lighting seemed to show that). But you can see it enough to remember that my son ran into a tree, lol :P

Love you Connor!!! :D

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