Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 43 - Feeling Icky

Connor got a random ear ache last night. He was hurting so much that I felt pretty helpless and wanted to do something; anything! So I googled a bit and found a web site that sounded promising. She talked about using garlic juice or onion juice (putting it in the ear) and massaging around the ear. I found this info HERE.

So, I found some minced garlic I had, grabbed some of the juice (mixed it with olive oil) and went to it. I wasn't sure if what I did helped, but I prayed it did. I massaged the area around his ear for around 10-15min and we put him back to bed. He got back up, crying and my heart broke a little more.

I read the article again and decided maybe because it wasn't fresh garlic, it wasn't helping the way it should. So I grabbed an onion and prepared that up. I didn't dilute it - I wanted it to be full strength, fresh, 100% onion juice. I repeated my massaging and we put him to bed. Luckily that seemed to help enough that he fell asleep.

Unfortunately, he woke up with an ache still. So, Tom ran to the store and got some acetaminophen (something we had been out of the night before). Giving him that really helped tons! You could see his energy coming back, and his liveliness. It wasn't long before the pain was gone and he was able to have a normal day. The pain came back towards the evening and I gave him some more medicine. Shortly after dinner - this is what we saw:

Poor little kiddo :( I feel so helpless when I can't fix it. I hate that feeling so much!! He looks to me like I have the magical cure, and it totally sucks when I have to say "Honey, there's nothing I can do!" :( I'm just grateful the medicine took his hurt away - thank God for modern medicine :)

I also have some awesome news!! Earlier in the week, Yari of Jady Day Studio got a hold of me and asked if I'd be interested in coming back on the team and writing tutorials for scrapbooking on her blog. I didn't even hesitate - I was beyond thrilled to get back on her team!! I missed being on her team - it killed me when I was booted off during our homeless period a little over a year ago :(

So today, I got to scrap with her gorgeous goodies again. I was trying to do a page for a tutorial, but it ended up going a different direction. Not complaining though - cuz it turned out so perfect!!

I decided to redo an older layout. There's always been something about it that bothered me. Still can't figure out exactly what....I know I don't like edits on the photos -- they seem drab, and way to dark. And I used a template that was kinda limited on paper placements - and I remember making it and feeling stuck with the template (I've since learned I'm not locked in on what the template suggests I do!!!). I remember loving the page the moment I finished, and then just slowly started hating it :(

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

So first thing I did was find a template that I liked better. And the very next thing I did was brighten up the photos. And I cropped them differently to show off things I liked in each photo. After that, it was just a matter of grabbing papers & elements that I liked and putting it on there. I changed the title too - I never liked the blah "Pumpkin Patch" for a title (not even when I first made the page). And wa-la: an updated, much more loved, page :)

Full credits can be found by clicking on the image!

About the only thing I'll change about my new page is the journaling font. I did that up for a CT requirement, and it's too messy for me. When I decide to print it, I'll put a more readable font in there so my journaling can be read easier :)

K - I'm now officially ALL caught up on my blog!! It only took a few weeks. Teach me to take 5 days off for a bday cake & party, lol :) See you next time! ~Jen

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  1. Wow, your blog is so beautiful! I'm so sorry for your little boy earache, I can relate to that helpless feeling, it's awful!

    I'm glad you found me, too. Thanks. Good Luck.