Friday, February 10, 2012

Day 41 - Hanging With Friends

Today was a pretty normal day. I worked out again today. I took yesterday off to give my muscles a break (I read online that it might be a good idea to do every other day the first week to give my muscles a chance to catch up). Well it was 100% the right move because I felt fantastic today. The stiffness I had went away (like normal) when I began my workout, but didn't come back after I was done. Instead, I felt refreshed and renewed - how awesome is that! So this was officially day 3 of working out (4 days as a whole, but 3 days of exercise). I can't wait till next week when I'll take a new photo, do my measurements and weigh in!! :D

After working out, it was time to get Connor. It was nice heading out to the school without feeling like my legs were jello. Seriously - that day off really set things right in my body!! On the way home, my friend Angie walked with us. Me & the boys ended up hanging out at her house for a bit, letting the boys play. The kids didn't get along great. Her son Griffin is an only child, and he & the boys butt heads every once in a while. But that's fine - boys will be boys.

I grabbed a photo of Liam attempting to make a sand castle. The sand isn't the right kind for that though - there's too many rocks, and it's way too dry. But Liam enjoyed shoveling it in the bucket :) And I love the one eye smile he gave me - it made me giggle, lol :)

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