Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Day 39 - It goes: X, Y, N, Z! Duh!! :D

First things first - day 2 with my workout. I was sore, sore, SORE today! I knew I would be, lol - but it's never easy :) I also knew that when I started the workout, the soreness would fall by the wayside - and it did. 'Course after the workout, my legs felt like jelly and walking to get Connor was a funny sight to see, lol. And after we got home and I sat down, it took everything in me just to get up. And don't ask how UNgraceful I look trying to sit, lol. I end up just falling down (which look HI-larious on the toilet, lol).

I did take some photos today, and I think I can see some changes from the photo I took in January. I also took some measurements, just in case the photos don't show me what I want to see, lol (ie: results). I'm not sharing those now cuz ... well, it's my blog and I don't wanna, lol. But I am keeping a record. I'll share eventually :D

Today's photo was a neat little moment with Liam. I knew he was doing really good with his letters. He would ask every day for me to show him another one. And apparently, he's done asking cuz he knows them all:

Can I just say how proud I am!? I mean - seriously, he's just a little guy! He only turned 4 a couple weeks ago!! That was all him!! I especially love the backwards N between the Y and Z lol.

K - I'm keeping this one short! I'm nearly caught up and I need to get the next batch of photos ready for posting! :)

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