Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 37 - All I Want For Mommy's Bday Is My 2 Front Teeth!

So I totally cheated on the title of the post, lol. I was quite bummed when he didn't lose his front teeth by Christmas. They had been wiggly for so long, I was sure they'd be gone by then! And I was so ready to use that song for a title on a layout, lol. He lost the first one 2 days after Christmas, and as I mentioned in yesterday's post - he finally lost the 2nd one, only a couple weeks before my birthday. So - since this is my blog, that is how the song will go in my head!! lol

He made a point of showing how big the gap by grabbing a fork and sticking the very tip into the gap, lol. Yup - it fit, lol .... There's something so stinkin' cute about no top teeth. And he has always rocked the toothless grin, lol:

July 24th, 2005 -- 8 months old

Awww -- there's my little man! He had just turned 8mo old in the photo. Isn't that the cutest grin!? That's still one of my all time fave photos of him :) And in case you were wondering - he didn't get his first tooth until he was around 10mo old (it's a trait -- my first one came in at 11mo) :D

And now I'm gonna do my Monday All About Me List. I skipped last week cuz of the craziness of Liam's bday party & cake (alright, alright - I forgot until right now). SO! I'm gonna do one now. As always, I don't feel like following what everyone listed this week (ie: I'm too lazy to go find what the list was, lol) and I just chose one from Danielle's blog Motherhood Truth that I liked :)

Monday's AAM List: 10 Questions to Answer

1. What is your favorite word?
This could be so many things. A word I enjoy saying because it sounds funny (mukluk comes to mind, lol). Or maybe a word that I use all the time because it's just simply a must in my everyday language - I say Seriously a lot, and I type lol and put smilies at the end of everything, lol :) ... Seriously though, I'm not sure what would be my hands down fave, so I'll just answer by saying ALL the words - cuz I can never seem to shut up!! :P

2. What is your least favorite word?
I think once I grew past the age of child - I discovered just how annoying the word "Like" is. The younger the kid, the more often they, like, seem to, like, use the word like. Oh. Em. Gee!! Yeah - gag me with a spoon! But really - an verbal crutch kinda drives me batty (like, um, err to name a few).

3. What turns you on?
My, my - we got personal quick, didn't we. Well - if I'm gonna be honest (who's really reading this anyways) - I get all sorts of randy when hubby ties me up, lol. There - I'm blushing and that's all you're getting!! :D

4. What turns you off?
Vulgar talking is so not my thing. I fear men might be learning things when they are boys that end up being counterproductive to reality. They watch *ahem* movies and get ideas from these movies that they later try to do during their own encounters. And maybe some women like certain phrases to be uttered (mainly one involving the F word and the C word ... well, pretty much any cuss word during the actual act) - but I'm not one of those women. Hubby figured that one out pretty quickly, lol :)

5. What sound do you love?
Okay - I just read Danielle's answer to this, and I LOOOVED her answer, so I'm gonna answer twice. Initially - I was going to say I love the sound of my children's laughter. The kind that comes deep from the belly and takes the breath away. That sound does something for my soul - I can't get enough of it. And the 2nd answer - Danielle hit the nail on the head when she said the sound of snow. Or rather, the lack of sound. I was just thinking about this today (as I experience short weather here in the desert) that I love the muffled sound that occurs when evreything is covered in snow. It is so incredibly peaceful! Good one Danielle!

6. What sound do you hate?
Repetitive noises drive me insane. You might think I'm kidding, but I mean it - they do something to my brain, and I flipping lose it! The worst offender is the bass of music. Oh..ohohoh - I'm getting all tense just thinking about it, lol. That pound-pound-pound makes me get all ... it might be anxiety. Maybe panicky. Just plain crazed. I can deal if it's a car and I know it will be gone soon. But if it's a neighbor (weather in a close house, or heaven forbid - a touching apartment) ... Then I will go bat-shit-crazy until it's turned off or I leave (usually in a fit of rage, lol). Other noises like ticking clocks, dripping water, or any number of uber quiet noises will keep me awake and sometimes even wake me up. Can't have them near me when I'm trying to sleep. Can't hear them in a quiet house without tracking down the noise and shutting it off (I usually have music or TV on just to avoid that issue during the day, lol). Yup - I'm sensitive to repetitive sounds - and it SOOOOO sucks sometimes :)

7. What is your favorite curse word?
Can I answer with all of them? LOL....You know - I think I can narrow this one down, lol. The first time I heard this, I laughed so hard. I'd never heard this particular combination of words before, and I loved it. I heard it on Supernatural first, and then noticed that it was said quite a bit around the interweb, so I guess I was just a victim of falling out with the times due to old age (eek!). The word: Asshat! Ain't it grand!? :D

8. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?
I think I'd like to try a profession (period) one day. I do have a job, but not one people really consider a job (that is unless you ask someone else with the same job - they will totally get it). I'm a stay at home mama. I'm quite proud of that and I hate when anyone implies that what I do is minor compared to _____ (insert topic there). But I would love to try a part time job eventually. Not a boring one - but maybe something I love. I've been toying with the idea recently to go into helping animals somehow. Maybe volunteer, maybe a paid job - I don't know yet. I love helping animals, and I would love to get paid for it, lol :)

9. What profession would you not like to do?
ANYTHING with food! Being a waitress might be about the only thing I'd be willing to do. But fast food is a hell no. And working in a produce department is an even better HELL NO (did that for a month and quit!). I don't really like food. I hate cooking. So no food for me!

10. If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
Okay - I'm all sentimental about stuff like this. I would love to just hear something loving like "Welcome home my child" and be welcomed in with loving arms.

Alrighty!! It's 11pm, I have a cold and I need to get some sleep (I'm all drugged up, and it's starting to take effect! Weeeeeee!!! lol). So I'll finish this post up and be happy I'm almost caught up!

Until Next Time!!! ~Jen

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