Sunday, February 5, 2012

Day 36 - Super Bowl Fun!

Well, today was the day that many were waiting for. It was time for the Super Bowl! And yes, we are avid watchers of football - especially the Super Bowl! And this on was sure to be a good game. Tom is a huge Patriots fan, and I love both the Patriots and the Giants. So it was bound to be interesting. Tom's boss invited us at the last minute to a SB party, so we headed there around 4pm. Well, more like 4:30pm cuz Tom got called into work for a couple hours to get one of the wind turbines back up and turning. He didn't get home till after it started.

But we rushed over to their house and sat down to watch what would end up being an awesome game. It was close the whole time. And the room was split on who was being cheered for, so there was some fun teasing through out the game.

The kids played outside on the trampoline. They had a great time with that. Connor also found an obsessive love for BBQ'd chicken wings, lol. He probably had 6 or 7! And Connor also lost his second upper big tooth!! He has the whole gap thing going on right now -- totally adorable!!

Today's photo would normally have been Connor's new teeth arrangement, but I got an adorable photo of Liam on the trampoline, so I figured I'd share a gap tooth photo tomorrow :)

As for the game - if you didn't know, the Giant's won. They got the winning touchdown with only a minute left to play. The Patriots gave it a good try, but they just weren't able to make it down the field in time to win. I wasn't bummed like my hubby was, lol - I was just happy to have had the opportunity to go to a fun party and watch a good game! :)

XOXO! ~Jen

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