Saturday, February 4, 2012

Day 35 - Going to the Zoo

We had plans to go to a zoo here in the next couple weeks. Well, the wind was too crazy, so Tom didn't have to work today. So last night, I researched local zoos and we decided on the one in El Paso. It sounded decent enough ... and I suppose it was. I mean, I'm used to having an amazing zoo. The Portland Zoo is no small place. Both in size and display. I mean - you walk in and find yourself above everything. You can see the train passing underneath you, and the entrance for the penguins and polar bears are over there. The exibits are really spacious and designed ... well different than the one in El Paso.

Getting there was a trip in and of itself. One wrong turn (ie: if we didn't take the right exit) then we would have been heading to Mexico. Not my idea of a good day. And then we took the wrong way after getting onto the correct exit. So I got to direct us to the zoo, going around in a big circle (but didn't have much choice since Mexico was right there, I swear, and I was afraid to turn towards it, lol). But we got there and got in. I was pretty disappointed right away - it was ... lacking. I guess that's what happens when the land is flat and there are no trees. But the animals were great. They were active and gorgeous - so in the end, it was a great time. Especially for the kids.

OH - we had friends go with us! And --- we have friends!! LOL. The same people that ended coming to Liam's bday party really clicked well with us and were totally up for a zoo trip. Heck, we made tons of plans all day long. Trips to Sandiego, Tuscon, Albaquerque - and so many other places. Stuff for the big kids and the little kids. They're even gonna watch the kids so me & hubby can have a bday dinner when I turn 31. How awesome is that!

So we all had the bestest of time!! Even with the small zoo (which was just right for walking distance - we were all pretty tired by the end, even though the sights were as huge as what I'm used to). The had a .... are they Meerkats? I think that's what they were, but they had a neat little exhibit with these guys and then a cute photo op at the end :)

And I took a ton of photos (of course)! Here's a few of my faves :)

Afterwards, they insisted on taking us to dinner. Not a big deal - until we could not find a place with a wait time under an hour (it was already 6:30pm when we headed to the first restaruant). In the end, we found a wait time of 15min at Chilis and we had a great time! Tom & I had never eaten there, so that was awesome.

And we got home around 11pm. Long, awesome day - can't wait to do it again!!!
XOXO! ~Jen

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