Friday, February 3, 2012

Day 34 - Family Bowling Night

Tonight I made my mind up that we were going to go bowling! I've been wanting to do this for a few weeks, and it just never worked out. Tonight, despite a few hiccups (aka - Liam whining like crazy) we went. And had a blast! I didn't get a photo of it (it had already gone dark for cosmic bowling and I put my camera away after that) - but Liam got his first spare tonight! It was classic!! And his reaction was amazing. He watched the ball go all the way down (soooo slow, lol) and hit those final balls, and then spun around, arms raised high and a look of OMG on his face, lol. He ran to us, we were screaming and clapping, and we held him high in celebration. Seriously - and amazing moment!

Sorry if I got all writer-y on you with how I described it, but since I didn't get any photos - I had to get it down in it's entirety for memory-storing purposes :)

Today's photo was an earlier photo where he ALMOST got them all down. As you can see by his fingers - he had two left! Such a fun night!!

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