Thursday, February 2, 2012

Day 33 - First Love

Kids grow up fast - am I right, or am I right!? I can still see this itty-bitty little baby in my arms. I can still remember not having a name for him until after he was born, and it was time to just name him already. I was quite stoked when I got my wish and he was named Connor :)

And now, here is my baby boy - 7yrs old and apparently in a relationship (ish). He tells me there's a girl Desi that likes to smack his bum and hit him randomly. I hesitate to say "Oh - that means she likes you" -- but I distinctly remember hitting boys I liked all the way through my teens, lol. I don't know why we do it - but apparently it's ingrained in us from an early age. And then the clincher -- she gave him her number. Not once - but three times! The first day, Connor lost it. So they next day - she gave it to him on two different pieces of paper, lol. He lost those (seriously - how does he do that!?). So on day three, I helped him NOT lose it, lol. And I gave in and let him use my phone after dinner to call:

Unfortunately, no one picked up and he left one of the funniest messages ever. He was all over the place, saying random things and doing his best to repeat what I told him to say, lol. We would later learn that it wasn't possible to call on that particular phone because it had fallen in the toilet some time before, lol. Ah well - still cute in my opinion :D

XOXO! ~Jen

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