Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 5 - Bubbles

I am so friggin' tired (like full on zombie status) that I'm gonna keep this one short! Connor when back to school today (I have to drive him) so it's been tough getting back onto the old schedule (I am NOT a morning person!). So - at a shockingly early time of 11pm, I'm yawning constantly and I just wanna go to bed and fall asleep watching the new episode of Grey's Anatomy (or maybe Vampire Diaries - I haven't decided yet!).

Today was totally blah. Got Connor to school and it was just me & Liam. I worked more on my blog today (I think I did - the memories are blurry due to lack of sleep, so I can't be sure what I did this morning, lol). Eventually I found energy - but it was only enough to keep my eyes open, and not much else, lol.

I did grab a few photos of Liam playing with some bubbles he got for Christmas. You know how tricky it is to get a decent photo of this, lol!! Here you go:

I thought that one was kinda neat with all the bubbles everywhere and the one oblong one coming out of the wand! :)

And with that, I'm off to bed to watch my shows!! Have a great night and I'll see ya tomorrow!

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