Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4 - My Friend Jif

My boys LOVE peanut butter! One of their naughty moments usually came from them sneaking a figure dip of peanut butter out of the jar when I'm not looking. So when I threw away the old peanut butter and grabbed the new one, I wasn't too shocked when Liam grabbed it and went off to clean it out, lol.

What did surprise me was the the peanut butter jar became a toy that both the boys played with for - easily - a couple hours! It started when Liam put Jif (pronounced Jeff) to bed. Liam covered him up, and Connor grabbed his bears and put them around him (it? him? who knows! lol). We all had to whisper and tiptoe (I'm SO not kidding!). Eventually Jif woke up and Liam had him walking out to the couch. And it doesn't end here! The boys then started coughing & sneezing periodically saying that Jif had a cold and they had to take care of him.

So yes - you can spend countless amounts of $$ on their most requested toy, and sure - they'll play with it. But never as earnestly as the way they played with an empty peanut butter jar (Liam even drew a dang picture of Jif, lol).

See you tomorrow!

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  1. That is so cute. I remember the days when my kids would play with boxes and pretend like they were feeding troughs for pigs. Most kids now days don't have an imagination. I loved this!!
    Cindy Barrick