Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 30 - Fun On The Wii

So for Liam's birthday, I decided to get him a game that was specifically meant for him. I have been looking for months (ever since we got the Wii) and nothing struck me as specifically meant for children under 4 or 5. There was one that was carnival games, but I just wasn't sure about that. We got Mario Kart with the system, and he had issues with that game as well (he gets turned out every time and ends up going backwards until the game ends because everyone else has finished the race, lol).

Okay - so I made up my mind to just get something. I was left with Christmas leftovers at Walmart (my goodness the shelves were bare!!) and I narrowed it down to two race type games.

The first one - Superstar Kartz is really similar to Mario Kart. Like - pretty much the same game with different characters. And that was the appeal - it had characters that Liam knew & loved. The second game looked like a crash n derby type game - where you just slam into your competitors until only one is left standing. And as you can see - it stars Sponge Bob.

I ended up going with the first one (even though it was $10 more) MAINLY becase my biggest pet peeve with Sponge Bob is the voices from the show. That whining and stupid laughter -- drives me bonkers!! I'm pretty sure that is all in the game, and I was not okay with that, lol. However, part of me thinks I should have gone with Sponge Bob because Superstar Kartz is honestly harder than Mario Kart. Not by much, but it's harder to get & maintain first place. Not a big deal - but I was hoping for a game that was geared towards a younger audience.

Ah well - he'll grow into it, right? :)

So today's photo was him playing it for the first time. Even though he died a LOT and never even finished all three laps, lol - he did seem to have a blast - and that is what counts :)

Almost caught up! Yay!! Onto the next post. See you then! ~Jen

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