Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 3 - Laundry, Oh My!

Something about the new year lit a fire in my husband's ass - and we both cleaned like crazy all day long yesterday. He made the kitchen more spotless than I think I've ever seen. And I got things situated in the living room - packing up all the Christmas stuff and putting things back to normal.

Today - I continued the cleaning. There's something wrong with our clothes! I know for a fact that we don't wear 5 outfits a day (well, Liam might, lol). Yet somehow our laundry can never seem to get finished. The pile is always shockingly huge and I hate it!! I did laundry all day yesterday and today - and I barely got half of it done.

Today's photo shows part of that. The clothes folded here are probably only half of what I did today. The rest was put away by the time I took this photo. Oh and Liam felt like he HAD to be in the photo, lol. And forgive the odd smile - he has seemed to forgotten how to smile over the last couple weeks (which totally sucks cuz he has a beautiful smile!)

See you tomorrow!

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