Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24 - The Tickle Monster

Two years ago today, I smoked my very last cigarette. It was around 8pm some time. It was a rough evening, but with the help of my husband who was somehow able to bring me down from my panic, I made it and never had another drag!

I was gonna do a photo for that big accomplishment, but honestly I couldn't figure out what to photograph. If there was a way to do a before & after of my lungs - I'd totally share that! But alas, I left my magic xray machine back in Washington, lol :)

So, today's photo was a sweet little moment between Tom and the boys. He actually called out to me to get my camera so I could take a photo (yeah, that never happens, lol).

Love that photo - so cute! I love when they all play like this. That's it for today - see you tomorrow! ~Jen

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