Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22 - This Is The Day

Today was awesome! We went to church this morning, making sure to grab the boys' guitars. We talked to the pastor last week about the boys wanting to play their guitars at church. The pastor was totally for it, so we headed to church today, excited to see the show :)

It wasn't until the offering that the pastor called them up. I have to admit I was silly nervous for the, lol. We all stood up and the boys started (little did I know, everyone sat down while the boys played. And there's Tom & I in the front, standing up watching, lol. I felt like the biggest idiot after I realized everyone was sitting, lol). They sang "This Is The Day." Connor did great - he sang it a little faster than normal, but that's okay. I wasn't sure Liam would even stay up there - but he did. He never really sang (not that I saw) but he did play his guitar. However, if you ask him - he'll insist that he sang, so maybe me mumbled it, lol.

All in all - it went great!! After a great sermon, we had a potluck and had a great time just chatting. I'm so incredibly blessed to have found such a great church. I grew up in a church that I never felt this at home in. I miss my church - but I don't miss feeling like an outcast in it. I may be surrounded by mostly elderly people (that can't sing, lol) but that just adds character :)

So here's today's photo - the boys up front. Not sure if they're singing yet or just talking - but I think it's cute all the same :)

You know - I need to do up a little preview thingy cuz that photo was edited a little bit (Liam's face was originally looking down with a weird expression). I love showing off my edits, so I think I'll show that tomorrow :) It's 1am here and I'm tired!!

See you tomorrow! I have to check, but I'm pretty sure I'll have another all about me list to share!! :)

XOXO! ~Jen

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