Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16 - My Cook & Monday's AAM List

I have a couple things I wanna blog about today. First things first - today's photo. Today was a total lazy day. Connor didn't have school and Tom only worked a half day (due to high winds - which, for wind turbines -- you would think would be a good day. But they don't go up and work on them when it's uber windy, so ... I guess it makes sense, lol).

Due to the blah, and my determination to finish my layout - I didn't do much photo taking. However, as Tom was whipping up a quick dinner (spaghetti) I grabbed my camera and snapped. It's not a secret - I'm a horrid cook. Not only that - but I positively HATE cooking. Luckily - Tom is a fantastic cook. And as an added bonus - he loves to cook!

So today's photo is the very common sight of my hubby cooking dinner :)

I was gonna share my layout, but my list below is kinda long - so I think I'll save it for tomorrow. Onto something new...

I saw this idea over on my friend's blog Motherhood: Truth to make theme inspired lists every Monday. I've seen this once before on her blog and loved it. And today's topic was really fun to read - so I thought to give it a try.

The inspiration is given by Northwest Mommy - and you can hop over there to see a bunch of other lists that people made if you're so inclined :)

Monday All About Me List: 10 THINGS I SAID I WILL NEVER DO

1. Join Facebook
I wasn't planning on joining MySpace either, but eventually I broke down and joined. My 10-years-younger SIL showed me how it all worked, and how to personalize the layout, and the rest was history. I met some amazing people on there - people I consider my long lost sisters to this day (you know who you are). I was fine with MySpace. And then, almost over night - I wasn't. And Facebook called out to me. At first it was only a place where I played games. But then I kept find more friends on there. And then before I knew it, Myspace was beyond dead, and I couldn't stop hanging out on Facebook. Now I'm checking it on my phone during church - yeah, I think I'm addicted, lol.

2. Live in the desert again
After having a freak incident in 2001 where I lived in Phoenix, AZ for a couple weeks. I swore I wouldn never go back. A little over a year later, I was married and on my way to Yuma, AZ (hubby was in the Marines, and that's where we got stationed). After leaving that hell hole, I swore never EVER again! Well, here we are in 2012, and I'm living in Deming, NM (for hubby's new career/job). It has slightly cooler temperatures than Yuma, but it's no less desert-y. I hate it here and can't wait to live ... pretty much anywhere else!!!

3. Watch Grey's Anatomy
I held off forEVER with this show! I'm not one to drink the Koolaid - if it's popular then I hesitate. If I'm never told any reason WHY it's liked so much, then I pretty much just stay away. Um - hello!? McDreamy - what the heck is that all about. And then there was a marathon on some random cable channel. I watched probably three episodes of the first season and was hooked. I HAD to see more! I watched every season, back to back. This was last summer! I was caught up by the time season 8 started (yes - I waited THAT long before finally diving in). And oh man - am I glad I started! I love this show! I can't get enough! The acting is amazing, the characters are wonderfully written! And the storylines grab you every week! I lu-hu-HUV this show!

4. Start Smoking
When my BFF in high school started smoking our Junior year, I tried nearly every day to get her to quit. I was so bummed that she started. And when my senior year arrived, I was surrounded by it. I don't think one of my friend's were a non-smoker. A few months before I graduated, my curiosity got the better of me and I tried my first cigarette (and LOVED it! Couldn't wait to have another one!) I smoked for ... it's late, and I don't wanna do the math, lol. But I think it's around 11 years.

5. Quit Smoking
I loved smoking! I love the taste of it. The calm I got from it. The quiet me-moments that smoking afforded me on a daily basis. I couldn't wait to have one after eating - those were the best! And if I had a new book - oh you better believe I'd be outside with that book and some smokes, and I'd have the book done in a couple days. But when life said: "Hey, you're fricking broke. You don't even have a few pennies to your name." Yeah -- it was finally time to quit (not that we had a choice). Hubby and I both quit cold turkey on that day (Jan 24th, 2010). And it was thee best thing I've ever done! I don't regret even a little bit - not for one single moment!

6. Photograph Another Wedding
I did my inlaws renewal ceremony and hated it. But I was also prego with Liam and assumed it was just a hormonal thing. Then a friend asked for my help, and her ineptitude actually boosted my confidence and I had an alright time. But still - I hated it, and never wanted to do another. And yet still - a family friend asked me if I would be willing to do their wedding. They weren't looking for fancy - just done. However, in hindsight - I'm really pretty sure she wanted $2000 photos from someone that didn't even know how to shoot her camera in manual settings. Good thing they got divorced a few months later, lol. Still holding out on never doing another wedding, but who knows - I might get suckered into it in the future, lol

7. Get A Smart Phone
What on earth would I need a phone that is essentially a mini computer?! I just need a phone. I just need to be able to call someone, hear them, talk to them - you know: NORMAL stuff! Why would I ever dream of getting an overly expensive phone like an I-Phone? Not only is the phone itself expensive, but then so are the services that go with it. If you want to use the fancy stuff (like internet) then you have to pay extra for it! What a joke.... Says the person that dropped a little over $500 on her current phone (that includes the phone, first months bill, a car charger, phone cover and screen cover). Kinda crazy - still makes me a little sick to think about. But OMG - I love my phone, lol

8. Prefer Texting To Talking
Another thing that boggles the mind... Why would I sit and type out words when I could SAY those words in a few seconds?! I still sorta feel this way, but when hubby went to school and started texting me during school - it was kinda nice to be able to stay in touch during his long school hours (which were in the afternoon/evening time) without him getting in trouble. And now texting is just part of my life. I still prefer talking sometimes, but texting is just as fine too. However - I refuse to ever use the stupid texting shorthand (U for You and Ur for Your and all that crap). Not sure why - but that shorthand hits some sort of weird crazy nerve in my head, lol - and makes me wanna cause physical harm to the shorthand writer, lol :P

9. Start Using Pinterest
Yet another site that I didn't feel the need to use. I understood the concept, but it just seemed pointless. And then I saw this thing about Elf on a Shelf. I was seeing all these ideas, and I had all these tabs open on my internet browser ... And I thought - why the hell not!? Lets just do it and use Pinterest to help organize the different Elf ideas that I've found. I've never looked back, lol - I LOVE the visual lists I'm able to create (I'm a visual learner - and it just makes me happy to see photos instead of words in a list).

10. Pay Way Too Much To Have My Hair Dyed
I was trying to come up with something really neat for #10, and my mind just blanked. It kept coming back to this - the hair thing. See, my first hair dying experience was with a friend in her house when I was 18/19 or so. And for years after, I just dyed my hair myself. I had a brand I preferred (Loreal Feria) and a color I liked (something red - dark auburn, to the more carrot red they had). But money just wouldn't allow $20 to dye my hair (I needed two boxes on my long hair - and they were typically $8-10 each). Well, when money did finally start flowing a little, Tom suggested I get my hair done. I'd always wanted highlights (and could never seem to do those myself) so I went and had them done. I never asked for a price ahead of time cuz money wasn't an issue. Maybe I should have, cuz when she told me my hair cut, dye job and highlight job was $150, I felt a little sick. I paid it and tipped her and walked out a little lightheaded, lol. I was in love with my hair, but dang - $150 bucks for some hair dye!? ... However, I admit that - given the chance to go back to my hometown in Washington - I'd most likely walk right back in there and have it done again! I felt that good afterwards (and now we have lots of money to play with, lol).

And with that - I'm ending this ginormous blog post! If you decide to do your own, I would love to know some of the things you swore you'd never do, and ended up doing :) It's nice knowing we're not alone in some of the things we end up doing :)

See you tomorrow! ~Jen


  1. YAY!!! Monday Listicles are so much fun and you will meet some great people. Did you link up on Northwest Mommy's blog? Also, sooooo glad you're on the Grey's band wagon!!! Hehe

  2. Love the list! I know the pain of $150 hair costs but it feels so worth it! x

  3. I love the picture of your husband making dinner. That is a common sight around our house as well. Also, what a fun list idea. I may have to think about this.

  4. Okay I just LOVE your list! And I love how you write! And um, the hubs cooks dinner at our place too! Frankly i think I am a marginally better cook than him (ssshhh, don't tell him!) but I hate cooking, and he likes it. LOL

  5. What a great AAM list!!! And...I'm so glad you guys were able to kick the smoking habit! Way to go!

  6. Dang right, good looks and I can cook. Double threat!! LOL

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